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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Music and massage

Saturday, 24 April 2010. I had an extended lunch so to speak, since I had to have a human dessert. Tom is an eye candy. I am already used to a latino looking older than me although we would be in the same age bracket but he.. he is the first one, his face looks young, and so thus his body! The only tell tale sign of his age would be his hair, it has white and yet it adds character, a certain paradox - white air connotes age and yet a face that had defied time. His profile said he is 40 but he told me he would be 44 in a few months, and I just surmissed it would be in June that makes him most likely cancerian... and then he was surprised, so chock.. ooops.. did I say something wrong?

I saw him waiting at my building wearing a pink shirt and cream shorts, very much looking like a preppy or a yuppie.. whatever, i hope you get the idea. Its sad that the elevator is again out of order so we had to walk up making up a tiring warm up on my legs. He was definitely looking in to my face, my eyes - and I had that feeling of insecurity. Do I look good or weird for him? Maybe I should get that haircut that I have been putting off. Perhaps I should have not worn this 4 bracelets of mine - to ward off evil and as my protection. Does he think of me to be effeminate because I am still wearing the stud earrings I had to pierce my ears? Is he silent because he is simply that type or thinking on how to excuse himself and leave?

I should be confident about myself, insecurity shows and would be felt, and any self doubt is not good. But then again, when someone looks better than I do, when someone looking as handsome as he is - I become that insecure person that lurks in every human being, and not to mention, I really like to do him! Not because I am horny and desperate, such eyes, such face, such body, I want it on top of me. I could just rush him to my bedroom, have it done and over with, but that would be so boorish as treating him no more than a sex object that a repeat if I succeed would be out of the question! I took a little time, offered him water, fixed myself an instant juice - chatted a little, although it was hard to concentrate with that handsome face of his.

My place is hot, I am at the wrong side of the building, no breeze. Its a negative but it has an advantage, he said its hot, I agreed and it was my cue to ask him to move to my room - where there is a window, malfunctioning aircon, and an electric fan. Smooth move.

Fast forward.

He dressed so fast. I have scored, and surprisingly he tweaked and touch my nipples I could not help but masterbate myself to my own cumming. He doe snot had one of those supersized cocks but it was something that I felt with his every thrust. I let him go, let him leave.. this would definitely be the first and last.

Uhhh.. dressed so quickly? And I thought I would be able to give you at least a back rub, t east your leg muscles from all of that walking up. He lighted up and walked back inside, and readily undressed again, asking if he needs to take everything off.. I said yes. This time, I placed some mtv music, english and filipino songs to relax him, to make him want to come back again.

He stayed longer, as much as he can since he has to host a radio station that afternoon, so he says. Now, its a question of time if I would have the pleasure again of his company.

*** Oh yeah, Saturday is great, I also had an evening dessert, Hector dropped by and it was sex and a massage again. He hurt me good that I had to walk the numbing pain of such a big ass in Plaza Altamira later ***

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