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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Banged by Bambini

How should I described him? A gentle giant? I stand around 5-8 and he is taller than me. My pant size is 30 and his is 36. He is bigger than mostmen, and definitely endowed than most of them. As I write this, my pillow and pillow case need to be dried - since I was forced to laundry them, dirty or messy still happens when I encounter a dick size I am not accustomed too.

Ok, now I have pictures of what gave me sheer bliss, I also have to include one that I have him in my mouth that perhaps there would be a comparison of his dick size inside my mouth. For the solo shots does not do justice to his dick. His dick is in proportion to his huge body mass, that it would look just average or normal, but look, and look as how my mouth is stretch wide to be able to take him in. And what I like about sucking his cock? Its truly hard, such that I am envious of his youth, he is only 20! I know I sound almost like a cougar.. but hey, I do not think of myself as wrinkled or something as what Ruffa G described a cougar.


  1. please post pics!!! been dying to see more posts from you!

  2. yes pics pics pics

  3. Thank you for your loyalty, I will try my best to update my memoirs as much as i can - my way of sharing the blessings that I get. Although that I do not get to take pictures everytime...

  4. thank you!!! im glad you're the way, i have always wondered why you're in caracas? how did u get there? i envy you for having all thouse glorious cocks in your mouth!!! tell me how do i get that that paradise called caracas?

  5. I am working here as an accountant,because no one else would take the position. So, I was laughing in my cubicle when you said this is Paradise! Physically, Caracas is nice but the environment is very dangerous that I have been basically confined to the office and my house. But, then I learned to enjoy the confines I am limited too.

    There is some gay life here, but it is still very discreet in a way. I do not think I would be lucky if I would be going to any of the "gay" night spots - men here are good looking and usually have muscled bodies. They are also age conscious.

    I find my sex partners online - basically these are the ones who find it safe to do it online also, so far I stick to my age group - 40s. I have the occasional young ones like Bambini but one would not think him as being only 20!! He is taller and bigger than me!! Caracas is not exactly conducive to asians, and since I am an asian, its an added attraction since some usually intimate doing it with an asian .... so there, I am lucky!!

    I am a cock person, I do not look exactly at the face or body to have sex... one just to have a functioning, throbbing hard on. Although there were guys that have nice bodies and handsome faces... these does not make good sex. So, in the end, it is still the penis and his performance that counts.

    From what I gather, for a gay person.. the middle east would be a gay´s paradise. Anyway, heaven is where one make´s it to be..

  6. I love the way to put it Bert, "heaven is where one makes it to be". You know what, I never thought accountants could be as adventurous as you. I have several accountant friends and you definitely do not fit their profile hehehe.

    Anyway, i heard the middle east is indeed a gay man's paradise. however, there exist the risk of being caught by the moral police, and i heard lots of stories how these arrested gay men are treated in prison. not sure how many of them manage to get out from incarceration.

    still, i think you're in paradise. too bad im no accountant, just a struggling writer confined in the boring world of corporate slavery in makati. reading your posts though makes me wanna save up and visit caracas soon.

    i am not exactly a good blogger, but i have started one me know what u think via PM;)

  7. Hi Bert. Great that I have found your new blog. your stories and pics are DELICIOUS - as usual!! Let me know if you are ever back in the Philippines.

  8. i want to fuck u when u cum to manila bert...its me raf