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Monday, April 19, 2010

Counting Numbers

14 April 2010. Wednesday. Yesterday was sort of a disappointment, nada, nothing. I thought since the week started so nicely it would continue the following day. Not to mention that I guess with such a good sex, there is that afterglow, that lingering level of libido. Oh well, just time to move on, I need a better bait!!

How do I get the fish, the latinos back in my bedroom? I was just told that the only other single filipino, younger and better body, was seen in the company of 4 latinos and were gone for a few days!!! Duhh, no matter that he was a seaman, a marinero, married and with children - I knew he was gay when I saw his pic in facebook! And when I met him in person, I had no doubts that he is queer and unfortunately we would be on the same level, same boat, same polarity!!! And so again, for the second time, a pinay was asking if he was gay - I told her I have known so since the first time I saw him and confirmed when I saw him in person. The first pinay have said so last December. I guess he was no longer able to contain himself, and he - he is competition! Somehow, an asian is fantasy or wish list of most venezolanos, and so, Think!! Think!! How shall i get laid again?

Gustav sent a message, he like my fotos! And so I responded by showing him all and I offered to give him a massage. His profile did not show any face pic, just his legs and body. He is white, he seems well proportioned and big legs. Well, I may not have sex but the second best is to touch him all over and so I offered him massage. I sounded it a bit exotic by describing it asian and all. He asked how much - I laughed at this response. Double checked his profile, 45 years old... my age group but the photos does no seem to be that of a 40 yr old... must be the angle, old fotos, or fakes. Whatever - as a friend have said, "lamang tiyan din iyan", following Caloy´s motto. I pushed for it. The Magic phrase.. FREE ASIAN MASSAGE!

We met that wednesday afternoon. He is tall and white, with white hair and some white body hair. Taller than dopey and thus a bit lankier. His face would have been definitely handsome if not for the exaggerated chin of his. I already know by instinct, this would be one cock I would not be disappointed. Actually, it was a surprise!! As he may have been cursed with an excessive chin, he was blessed with an excessive dick!!! Wait.. wait.. I am jumping, almost forgot another detail - Gustav was my second fuck! Jose the Colombian have texted earlier and I not to turn down a sure and regular thing, I agreed with him, and timed it just in time for Gustav. Why do I only remember it now, well, Gustav is big, but I was able to take him - since my hole have just been primed earlier by Jose!!

I know I was risking it, very risky. I was forced to tell partial truth to Jose. I told him that I have another date and that we only have limited time, for I have a date, would be picked up. And so, as I ushered Jose out, within minutes, I was recieving Gustav in the building edifice! Sometimes, it is best to tell your date in advance you have limited time so the sex would not draw out long.

It turns out, Gustav is another accountant like me. I was counting numbers. I would give him a massage, like the ones I usually get at home... except its only a partial massage, my trick, mi tramposo, to touch him erotically, hard and smooth that by the time he turns, he should already have that hard on, and then sex commence.

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