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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car sex in Christmas

A Japanese friend told me about his trip to Colombia. He said that it was fun there and that he had sex in a car with a Colombian, he invited me to go with him the next time. Hmmmm, that made me think, I remember having sex in a car when I younger and it was in the Greenbelt Area of Makati - thus I started to enjoy walking home, so that I would be picked up. Oh, until it become to risky, not from any robbery but from the police and barangay cops that started to patrol the area! Have I experienced car sex here in Caracas, made me think .... oh yeah, last December christmas of 2009!

I invited Miguel, a white muscle guy that I met in Plaza Altamira to the Office Christmas party - he looks decent and fine, and he knows how to present himself in public. But in private, he showed to be risky - asking and estimating my monthly salary, whether I was paid in dollars or the bolivar fuerte. He was assessing my financial worth! No way should I give him a chance. I let him go home early and and made an alibi that I had to stay and clean up the office, and then walk home alone, solo, furious of such a mistake!

But karma is good, as it was late, I choose the longer path home, but a more lighted way, passing through the main street fair, after all it was around 2 am. A car stopped by, and this white guy was talking to me in spanish, fast! It seemed like he was asking the way to chacao, but I was not sure, or was he asking if i was going to chacao? He would arrive in Chacao just by driving straight that road, he could not be lost or that stupid? Maybe I was just stupid not too understand his spanish. So.. I apologized, explained myself, and invited him.. to clear out things.

"Lo siento, mi espaƱol es no mucho, no intiendo. Quiero sexo'"
(I am sorry, my spanish is not much, I do not understand. You want sex?"

Straight to the point!

And he just smiled and opened his door, I took the invite. Hell!! I might still get a christmas gift that night. He is married and on his way home, just want to get some sex... so I offered a handjob. I reached into him, and he has a nice white hard cock. I did not mind jacking him off. Yeah, at times like this, the seatbelt law which is also enforced here may offer road safety but hinders car sex!! Damn, I remember his member to have a big head, a head that is bigger than the body, it was such a flesh of lollipop. I took off the seatbelt and went direct to his cock, good thing he did not oppose.. he just let off a sigh!

The guy showed some restraint and discipline, but he touch my head to stop - less we be noted by other cars or other people. I offered my place, and off we droved to my apartment and continued the sex there! Oh yes, I have done Car sex here in Caracas.

** Do not ask about Movie sex or theater sex, its different here. People have wait in line for a movie and then everyone leaves and the movie houses are only half or one third of the theaters in Manila, more like the Glorietta 3 special theaters, that small! Anyway, who knows? **


  1. Hey Bert. It is so good to have your regular updates again! You are living the life we all wish we could. Plenty of sex, no hassles, just great fun!!
    Keep up the postings

  2. do you have pics? it is not rare to find white cocks in that part of southamerica???

    pics, please!!!

  3. i mean miguel... the bodybuilder

  4. Sorry, I have no pics of Miguel, I did not even dare to invite him to my house. More often, these latinos have nice bodies in pictures.

    I am not lucky to get pictures always, but I plan to post my stories with pics with those that I do not have - so my blog would not be that much a bore. Will try to think of what I can do for the pictures.

  5. There are whites here in Caracas but somehow I find the morenos or negros to be more predominant and generally better than the whites I have encountered. My apologies if I do sound like a racist, just making a comparison - someone I wanted to be my lover saw the pics I have, and his question is if I like morenos or negros - and he is white! And yes, I was having sex with the morenos and negros while seeing him, well they are more fun, sex is better....