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Monday, April 19, 2010

Oral Exam

18 April 2010. Sunday. I lose it. I mean my patience, my cool. I was in the office with a shouting match with the hag, and the rest of the office have to separate us. I was shaking with anger, that I know and had to sit down on the stairs, and yet I continue to stair back with her. I still remember her words - Insolentª Putanginaª My officemate /friend told me how red i was with anger.

I stayed longer in the office enjoying my table, hoping against hope to get a message, a hit that I might have sex after all - friday was horrible, i felt so bad that i was not able to sleep well despite three rounds of sex with gabriel. But, since today was horrible too, despite the weather or because of it, there might be someone who would be horny enough to braved the rain and get himself a piece of ass, my ass that is. I even chatted with Henry from New Zealand, he asked if ever I got "warak", and I said - yeah, I almost freaked out once when Bambini took his cock out, it was a bit messy, messy with my own bloodªª But a real trooper that I was, just changed condom, rested a while and we fucked again.

Going home, there was still some rain. I had an early dinner and ate solitarily. How do I relax, how do I get my equilibrium. I was suppose to meet someone who fantasize of doing it with an asian, we were suppose to meet sunday, today, but nothing from him. I do not blame him - the rain would not stop, and we do need the rain for its water and as their source of electricity.

Wait a minute, I have been the one giving the massage, minus well get one. If he makes me horny well I will keep my options open. Or if my self discipline holds out, I save a few fuerte by simply jacking myself off, and then off to sleep. Yimi turns out just arrived back and is still in the airport, he said he would arrived most probably around 9 pm.

The erotic one, Hector, sent a text - Como esta que haces. how are you what are you doing
I replied back. Estoy bien, descanso en mi cama, tengo ganas un poco.
Tengo ganas igual. Puedo ir
Si. Me encanta.
Well I thought I can have a little free sex, get a massage, and then go to sleep.

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  1. It's great to see your photos again. I especially enjoyed the closeups of your ass.