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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday morning ... still waiting , hoping

Friday morning, 23 April 2010. I still have nothing new, no one new to write and share about. Well, I know I had a carry forward of monday morning sex with Yimi. Tuesday had me resting having two fucks that afternoon, Jose of Colombia and DocM. Wednesday is a romantic night, theater and then a light dinner. Now that date, is a dream, I can only wish he is my lover, he is without doubt a trophy boyfriend, but I can only dream.

Reality is - the sex I had are repeat sex, but how can I complain when they are all good. Gabriel came back again last night and we had god sex, he came three times - still he said no for any photographs!

Anyway, since we are talking about repeats.. let me just post pics of Peter which I met last year and had sex again in my pad. He is someone I wish to have a repeat, a six footer guy that places a rubber tubing on his scrotum, I guess so that he would not cum so easily. Sex is ... TIRING!! He would bang me again and again, and although he is in his 40s, his athletic ability and flexibility usually leaves my legs sore from all the stretching that I had to do. But of course, I endured all for there is nothing like the pleasure of his cock inside my ass. Hmmm.. I should text him - maybe he tried to contact me when I was out of town and since I did not reply, he might have move on... anyhows.. take a look at his pic.. and I tell you, he is a reason to stay in love with Caracas (ps.. as a spoiler, there is a rationing now for sugar, flour, and milk - if you find them on supermarket shelves!)

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