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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Luis de la calle....

24 April 2010. I have noted the stories I have written and the pics I have not yet posted. And I noted I have nothing about Luis!!! If I am not mistaken, I met Luis last December 2009. Luis is a tall white guy, he is bald, or "calvo" as they described him here. And yet because of his complexion and height, he could easily be still an actor in the Philippines. I was on my way home from a relatively cheap date - a dinner at McDonalds with Miguel, a super conceited guy. Oh, I have no dreams or hope of having sex with Miguel, he is risky and a confused person - egging me to have sex with him, saying how nice he is, and even showing his naked pictures on his phone, then asking me if I can pay for female whore and that they would have sex while I watch them... Duhhh!!! Never did that and never would I do that.

I was then feeling disgusted from Miguel that walking home, I already spotted this tall white guy all in black. He crossed the streets and I was staring at him, our eyes met and I stutter with my simple english. He was cool, he simply asked if I have a place, if I leave alone. Just like that? Is it my lucky night or considering I am picking him up from the streets, I would be held up later in my place? My heart was thumping with excitement and fear.

I would be straight - as there was no more seduction or anything, it was a done deal. We went straight home, to my bedroom, and he undressed. He does not have that big or long cock that other latinos have - but it was very hard and sort of triangular in shape, I mean, small head with a body that gets bigger in the base! By no standard it would be considered small or average, it was simply different and delicious. I sucked and fucked, fucked and suck. A round was not enough for him, he had to cum again. Thus - the next time,we had sex, it was without doubt a threesome and I have paired him with Darwin, Cogie, DocM, and Carlo36. This month, we had sex but since it was a bit too sudden, my mouth, ass, and hand had to endure him twice. Sharing instead the pics I was able to take of the threesome with Cogie this January of 2010.

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