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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Massage.. anyone?

I am still alive , ok. I know I have not posted much lately.

I know I have not been blogging for quite some time and yet there is so much to write, to think about. For this, my apologies - likewise I was hoping to get my original blog back.

Its just sometimes there is not much time to do so. My apologies, between the little time I have left, I would rather suck and fuck than write. Not to mention that I have nothing really new to tell much. I still have sex, but no new experiences just repeat sex. I do try my best to give the best blowjob and an ass that knows how milk their dicks, that they would love to return for more.

What inspired me to make a blog entry - I met this contemporary handsome guy. He is in his 40s and yet he is very attractive in person, oozing with sex appeal, with charisma. Surprisingly, my friend Carlos36 was also in my place - and since we thought he would no longer come, we invited another one, Horacio. And so there was some bit of stalemate ..... actually no sex, and he said NO!

I wanted to boot him out of my place immediately, I mean why waste time if I would not be able to score right? And not to mention, that since he is attractive, handsome - and with my vulnerability, it would be so easy to fall for him. But he did not excuse himself to leave, and so I stayed till Carlos and Horacio left ... no sex. Then it was just me and Chamo. The DVD was already playing rough muscle porn, he was fast forwarding it. And so, I asked him to simply disrobe his short, lie on his stomach and started giving him a back rub. Then I asked if he liked me to rub his legs likewise, and of course, off goes his shoes, socks, and jeans leaving him in his black calvin klein underwear. I just continued massaging him like any other Filipino massuer, although at times making sure I bump his jewels, giving due attention to his buttocks and the back of his knee! Its an erogenous zone so I always make sure it is touched as erotically sensual as I can!

True enough, when I asked him to turn over, his briefs are well tented. And when I touched it, there was no objections... easy to bring it out, and inside my mouth. Thus... I got to enjoyed his hard cock, sucking it as much as I can. And oh yes, that is how I ended up last night! And we are still exchanging messages today!

It pays knowing how to do some massage..... That is the best tip I can say. Sure there are some hard to get guys, you just have to work your way to his crotch, slowly, little by little. And massage is a good way to do it. Yeah, I know that for some is to get the guy drunk - but liquor is expensive and one is not sure if their cock would get hard from all that alcohol. Besides, I find it more fun, amusing, knowing they have their mental faculties in tact, very conscious, and yet, lose control in terms of their horniness - the libido aroused from all that physical touch.

Care for a massage?


  1. Hope u can post more hot pics!

  2. Welcome back, Bert. I look forward to reading your posts again.

  3. pleaseeee!!!!!!! picksssssss!!!!!!!!! i need to masturbate my dick with alll those rude southamerican boyzzzz

  4. welcum back!
    i miss your blog entries.
    hope you can update us real soon..