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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eye contact is Universal

December 2009. No, I do not remember what day it was, except it was a weekend, that he is big, wearing blue pants and a cream colored long sleeved sweater. What made the encounter unforgettable was that I was bored and decided to go to Sambil, reputed to be the biggest mall in latin america which is basically a 10 minute walk from my place. And we had this eye contact, I was on my way back, he would look back and I would answer his gaze.

He is bigger and taller than me. I remember him walking in front and I since I was not sure of want I really want - I just hoped he would not think of me as stalking him and that hopefully he is gay, I mean - I have never punched in my life, I do not want this to be the first! There are all so many others that are crossing the street so I am sure I would be at least in the meantime. Down further the street, he stopped, turned at me and I smiled.

"Tiene sitio" (Do you have a place)

"Si, aqui en Bello campo" (Yes, here in Bello Campo)

He nodded, that was all. And I continued to walk forward, he walk beside me.

No conversation. We just walked to my apartment. Straight inside, straight to my bedroom. It seems a bit straightforward but I was also a bit scared and frightened, this guy is practically a stranger and I have always been warned of picking anyone from the streets - not to mention that I have been drugged and robbed once before. Am I lucky or that by chance, this would be an unlucky situation I would only get over and moved on.

Nothing. We just proceeded along, he stood now here in my bedroom. Looked at each other and then he opened his trousers. Took out his cock, look at it and then back to me. I get it ... with a smile and expectation, I knelt before him, licking, tasting, savoring the taste, no smell, no sweat, it was simply a hard cock for a hungry mouth. I was on my knees sucking as much as I can, trying my best to make him harder than ever and hopefully to want more.

My prayers were answered. He motioned for me to stand up and turn. What the fuck? Am I going to get fucked, him clothed and so am I? He just motioned me to put down my shorts, and my underwear. Had me bend over.. wait.. wait!! Wait a second!! Obviously, he does not like to take time to enjoy it.. just shove it in my mouth, then my ass, even without disrobing. So I just motioned, and quickly reach for a condom on my bedside table and the lubricant - that he got, and allowed me to put it on him and lube it up. Then he fucked me, inserted himself in my ass. It was sudden, rough, exciting by suddenness - no more doubt as to his intent. Sure, I would not be a robbery victim - but he is using me just to satiate his libido, his lust, and I was allowing him. Use me! Fuck me! Yes, I love that hard cock pushing itself, taking itself out of my ass.

Wordlessly, quietly, he came - that I remember sensing from the shudder of his body and when he pulled out. I took the used condom, and then simply throw it. He simply pulled up his pants as I pulled up my shorts. Just looking again at each other, he enjoyed it, I enjoyed it - no words. It was time for him to go... just escorted him down.. a first and last encounter... plainly, unexpectedly, enjoyable casual sex, no need to know spanish.. the tongue speaks a universal language, SEX!

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