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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Colombian for Monday

Monday, 26 April 2010. Too much work but have taken to writing and posting as a stress reliever. I have log down the stories I have posted and would soon catalogue the pics I have on file, to know which one I still need to post. I thought I have written about Jose but it seems I have not! Oh well, Jose is a white haired, black guy from Colombia and have been living here in Caracas for some time. I would say that he is my third regular fuck bud, regular as in he fucks me on a weekly basis! The second fuck bud was Victor, who I have posted last year. And the first fuck bud would be Achilles way back in 2008! What is great about a fuck bud? Its like having an occasional cook, that one is assured of food, of a decent meal - without the emotional attachment and all.

The funny thing about Jose is that I already crossed paths with him way back when I was living in El Rosal, which is around 30 minutes walk from where I live right now, on the net but we did not get to meet. I remember him because of a misunderstanding, we did not get to eyeball and he said he was waiting at the door of my apartment building. I apologized but we did not get any chance, I guess then that it was not meant to be. I also remember that my impression of him was that of a construction worker since he said he works near, in a construction site. Oh well, in truth, I think he works in an advertising company as some sort of a messenger or something. He may not be that white collar, but he sure gets the job done!

Jose has a nice long cock and after doing it for some months, we sort of have even established a routine - and yeah, it then almost become a routine. I say I should share him more but you see, I did try it once and it was not that good. And I remember he even tried to bring a friend of his last 31 December 2009 - damn, that white guy did not even get hard! I tried my best to sucking him but I do not know what, I remember doubting myself and also getting worried - what if he is an omen of 2010? A year of bad sex? Good heavens, that was the last day and not the first day of the year. So far, I have been doing great that I have not yet chanced upon going to the sauna.

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