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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thrice Fucked... thrice in heaven

Ernz emailed me. He is a college graduate looking for a job. He had relocated from the province in the hopes of finding a better life for himself and his family. But he has not been fortunate, and is nearing desperation. He said he knows how to massage a little and that he only needs to earn a little just as not to be a burden to his sister, until he could get a job. He hopes he can be a call center agent.

I replied that he should re think and reconsider. It is not easy to provide service and would he make the cut? Does he have the equipment and the will to make it with another guy? The idea of another Bruce is exciting but also daunting, not easy to teach a straight guy to pleasure people like us.

Ernz remind me of MarkB, he also wanted to sideline as a serviceman. We had a pictorial and after getting to know him literally and sexually I decline to post an ad about him, it would be a waste and risky for his future. He came back and asked for a CD of his pictorial and posted his pics by his own. I did not bar or stop him, it was his choice. He was able to find a decent job, and he made a personal request that I delete all his pics. The last I heard, he was still doing fine guiding the younger generation, and he would be forever in my memory - I said I would have a merienda, when actually I met him and we had sex in my pad. So with Ernz, I already have my reservation that he be another serviceman. But I am looking forward to a possible taste test, a practicum exam of his endowment and performance.

I invited him for dinner and we had chinese food. I got to know more about Ernz, it was a long dinner. It was a delight talking to him. It turns out that he had two girl friends, and two lovers. The two ex lovers courted him and being open minded considered the relationship. We talked and explored possible alternatives for him that he need not be a rent boy.

I wanted him in bed and somehow by luck, he agreed to go to my pad. He texted his sister that he would be going home late. In my mind, it would be a quickie, a suck that he cannot refuse with me ending sitting on his cock. I guided him straight to the bedroom, he was quiet but compliant.

I was quivering with excitement. He is shorter than me, very slim, but I already could feel the budding muscles in his arms. He had started going to the gym to bulk up. He allowed me to pull his pants, and there he was lying on my bed just wearing gray underwear. I could not help smiling, happy while massaging into hardness his groin. He was huge... it was a biggie, my mouth would be happy, my ass would be content. Another conquest, a cock trophy, an experience worth remembering and telling. I was having doubts, perhaps he should be a serviceman afterall, PLUs should be given the chance to lick him, to taste him, to simply enjoy his manhood.

I asked up if he would mind if I take some pictures, he was quiet for a while, contemplating, and then with an enigmatic smile, apologized. Oh well, he is a shy. In my mind, I would give him the sucking and the fucking of his life, he would come back for more! And when he did, I know he would be putty in my hands.(The cock pics are that of Ernz taken Tuesday night, the second time we met, he was more comfortable and I was adamant that he being a returnee, no cock pic, no sex! And if you are interested in his number, I suggest you email him instead at
*** story to be edited / finished = BLOG STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION***

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Early Morning Sunday Sex

26 November 2006. I tried a tarot reading on myself on where I am going. I got the Death card, showing changes, transformation. Ohhh uhhmmm, I wonder what changes would that be? All I know is that the Saturday Night out till early morning, trying to beat out the rising sun is in my past. I would rather stay home and sit in front of the Computer or watch TV. Thus, I am not surprised to fall asleep than I usually do - 4am!

I woke up with a dream, in my dream I have to arm myself for an intruder in the house. And yet the guy is someone familiar, someone from the past, and I could not decide whether to fight or kneel. He was very muscular also, wearing a g - string, naka bahag! And that is when I woke up! It was only around 430 am, what was I to do? I went out got myself some fresh cow's milk courtesy of Nestle. I even went to 7-11 for some load, well, who was I kidding? I was hoping to bump into someone and take him home.

Damn, I did not see anyone on my way to 7-11. I went up to the pretense of buying some load, and they only have a minimum of php150 - my budget for any guy who might be on his way home! So I declined and slowly walked back home. There is this big, big guy in a white muscle shirt. I did not see his face, but I like his wide v shaped back. So I walked a bit faster. He crossed the street, and so I did. A little faster and I was beside him, I overtook him, and turned to my right side. There I got to look at him. He also turned to his left, we look at each other's eyes. Nope! No magic, and I do not feel like sucking a matadero, afterall, I would still have to give him a bath, for at least an hour!

Crestfallen, distraught, I turned my head forward. Then there was this chinito looking guy, he is a bit short, a bit young. He turns out to be only 23, a virgo. He also turned his head. Our eyes met, and then, I know - I was awakened to meet someone like him! He is my destiny, most likely just going home after his Saturday night gimmick!

But I was also hesitant, he was wearing blue denims, black shoes, and this long sleeve teal blue shirt that was tight - showing off his lithe, flabless body. He is evenmore fairer than me, to bed him would be like a dad sucking his son! He might even be a pay per suck boy! He can be macho dancer or male gro just going home from work. Likewise, I have not cleaned up my place so I was not sure if my gadgets and valuables have been hidden safely.

So from Mercury Drug store till Tramo st, we were eyeing, sensing each other out. I stopped at the corner of Tramo and Pasay Libertad, this is my street. I wonder if he would walk ahead, and turned to see him walking also at Tramo! Wow, we live in the same neighborhood, which is another no no, and I live on the third street corner. Would he turn at Lakandula, the first street corner, or at Honorata, the second street corner, or beyong Natividad st, my corner? He walked fast Lakandula, but as we near the second, I took up courage and throw caution in the wind. I walked beside him.

"Saan ka galing? Work or gimmick?"
"Sa trabaho, hanggang umaga eh"

I wonder if he is a call center agent or in a more meaty work.

"Trip mo?"

Silence. There was hesitance before he answered. He had to consider, to think.

"Ang alin? Saan ka ba?"
"Magkano ba?" I dont like to ask but I would rather be conservative, straightforward.
"Ikaw, magkno ba kaya mo?"
"eh, wala kasi ako budget ngayon, 190 lang pera ko sa bulsa. pero, i can help you. I can take pics of you and post your services on the net."
"Malapit ka lang ba?

So there we walk to my pad. I showed my blog and the yahoogroup. He was quiet, he then asked permission to check his email, which he did and showed me his friendster account. He asked if he can download porn, proceeding to download hetero sex! I just allowed him, no more interested, after all, I still have to eat and to pay might be a waste.
"Do you have any other porn?"
"Yes, but just man to man, in vhs"
"Would you mind if I see them?"
"No, its ok. Come" I led him to my bedroom, put on the vhs and we both lie down, side by side. I was getting sleepy, and still by his side, not daring to touch him. I let him watch all the sucking and the fucking. I averted my eyes less I become aroused, it should be him who should be aroused, not me.
"What, like to suck me?"
"I wish but I do not have much money."
"How much do you have?"
"Like I told you, my bills only amounted to Php190 and I still need to eat, would only be able to withdraw later"
"How much can you give me?"
"A hundred. Would that be ok with you?"
"Ok... fine.. go ahead"
Need I elaborate further? Without further ado, I opened his pants, pulled down his zipper... and thanks to the guardians above, I did have a small live throbbing hard cock.... I sucked and sucked, regretting that I would not have a cock pic of his tool... but then I can look for his friendster pic again... he came on his own bod, and the cum wiped off.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

cyber sex.....

I was suppose to meet josh, my own private nurse, but their review was extended, so i ended up on the net, and yet too late to search for an alternate. I met Marlonrio in G4M and then we continued our chat at Yahoo Messenger. From mundane getting to know, to this cybersex. I was taken by him, I saw him wearing just shorts and sando on his webcam. (told you he is nice, he emailed his cock pic to me, just as i saw them on his cam.)

I copied and pasted our chat. It went this way....

bertbaltazar : i want my tounge to kiss your belly button
bertbaltazar : and then slowly go down to your dick
marlonrio : hehe ganun
bertbaltazar : i want my tongue to move on your cock head
marlonrio : its not that big
bertbaltazar : let me be the judge of that.. patingin
bertbaltazar : pero matigas?
marlonrio: secret
marlonrio: hindi
bertbaltazar : let my toungue do the wonders
bertbaltazar ( 2:41:02 AM): my mouth enjoy licking balls...
marlonrio ( 2:41:07 AM): kala ko ba tutulog na tayo>?
marlonrio ( 2:41:10 AM): hahaha
bertbaltazar (2:41:18 AM): sige tulog ka na...
marlonrio ( 2:41:22 AM): hehehehe
bertbaltazar ( 2:41:29 AM): leche... 2 15 minutes till 5 am
marlonrio ( 2:41:39 AM): ok lang yan
bertbaltazar ( 2:41:44 AM): 241 na sa clock ko
marlonrio ( 2:41:52 AM): sige na, jakol ka na paa di ka mabitin
bertbaltazar ( 2:41:52 AM): me pasok ako.. ikaw wala...
bertbaltazar ( 2:42:17 AM): i am jacking off. while sitting on this vibrator

marlonrio ( 2:42:32 AM): u watching me?
bertbaltazar ( 2:42:37 AM): yes i do
bertbaltazar ( 2:42:43 AM): fantasizing you are here

marlonrio ( 2:42:49 AM): hehehe ok
marlonrio ( 2:42:53 AM): hhhhhhmmmmm
bertbaltazar ( 2:42:57 AM): thinking my tongue on your dick
bertbaltazar ( 2:42:59 AM): your balls
bertbaltazar ( 2:43:04 AM): licking the sides of it

marlonrio ( 2:43:05 AM): nice
marlonrio ( 2:43:29 AM): heheheh go on
bertbaltazar ( 2:43:47 AM): imagine my head bobbing up and down on your cock
bertbaltazar ( 2:43:55 AM): my tongue flicking the dick slit
bertbaltazar ( 2:44:02 AM): moving around your head
marlonrio ( 2:44:15 AM): wow...ur damn good sucking
bertbaltazar ( 2:44:35 AM): i know how to make dicks hard...
marlonrio ( 2:44:40 AM): yeah
marlonrio ( 2:44:41 AM): hehehehe
bertbaltazar ( 2:44:45 AM): it makes easier to place a condom
bertbaltazar ( 2:45:03 AM): and for the man harder to say no
marlonrio ( 2:45:07 AM): yeah for protection...but have u done bareback?
bertbaltazar ( 2:45:10 AM): so tigas na tigas ka na
bertbaltazar ( 2:45:19 AM): i do... when i have trust on the person
marlonrio ( 2:45:24 AM): k
bertbaltazar ( 2:45:38 AM): imagine my mouth.. sinisilindro titi mo
bertbaltazar ( 2:45:49 AM): isipin mo sinusupsop ko ang bayag mo

marlonrio ( 2:45:50 AM): grabe
bertbaltazar ( 2:46:03 AM): tigas na tigas ka na then
bertbaltazar ( 2:46:12 AM): susuotan na ba kita ng condom?

marlonrio ( 2:46:26 AM): hhmm
bertbaltazar ( 2:46:28 AM): kakagatin ko pa uton mo
marlonrio ( 2:47:04 AM): wish i see u now kahit cam
bertbaltazar ( 2:47:17 AM): pasilip ng titi mo
marlonrio ( 2:47:28 AM): semi hard p eh
bertbaltazar ( 2:47:29 AM): pls?
marlonrio ( 2:47:42 AM): di pa tigas n tigas...
bertbaltazar ( 2:47:48 AM): ok lang
bertbaltazar ( 2:48:06 AM): pls pls?
marlonrio ( 2:48:25 AM): ok n/
bertbaltazar ( 2:48:28 AM): semi hard lang ba yan?
bertbaltazar ( 2:48:33 AM): tangina.. sarap tsupain
marlonrio ( 2:48:34 AM): eah
marlonrio ( 2:49:09 AM): lambot n hhahahahah
bertbaltazar ( 2:50:01 AM): shitttttttttttttttttt
bertbaltazar ( 2:50:03 AM): i want you
bertbaltazar ( 2:50:16 AM): i like to suck your balls
bertbaltazar ( 2:50:21 AM): i want to sit on that cock of yours

marlonrio ( 2:50:28 AM): ok
marlonrio ( 2:50:30 AM): hhhmm
bertbaltazar ( 2:50:32 AM): i cna just imagine hot it feels inside me
bertbaltazar ( 2:50:48 AM): kakbayuhin kita

marlonrio ( 2:51:01 AM): go on baby ride on
bertbaltazar ( 2:51:15 AM): i am
bertbaltazar ( 2:51:27 AM): imagne my ass... up and down your cock
bertbaltazar ( 2:51:53 AM): imagine my ass... getting loose and tigtening on your dick
bertbaltazar ( 2:52:02 AM): imagine me... rotating on your manhood

marlonrio ( 2:52:08 AM): hhhhmmm
marlonrio ( 2:52:11 AM): yes
marlonrio ( 2:52:12 AM): go n
bertbaltazar ( 2:52:31 AM): imagine you doing that to me....
bertbaltazar ( 2:52:36 AM): imagine your cock inside me

marlonrio ( 2:53:26 AM): hhhmmm
bertbaltazar ( 2:53:38 AM): jack off with me...
bertbaltazar ( 2:53:40 AM): am so close

marlonrio ( 2:54:12 AM): hhmm
bertbaltazar ( 2:54:27 AM): kay ako msucle control.. ang pwet ko
bertbaltazar ( 2:54:37 AM): kaya binabalik balikan ako
bertbaltazar ( 2:54:52 AM): alam mo iyong pakiramdam ng pumipintig na pwet?

marlonrio ( 2:55:03 AM): shet, am i really doing this/ hahahahah
bertbaltazar ( 2:55:30 AM): yes.....
marlonrio ( 2:55:39 AM): im nake n grabe
bertbaltazar ( 2:55:39 AM): doesnt it feel good?
bertbaltazar ( 2:55:42 AM): sarap di ba

marlonrio ( 2:55:58 AM): yes
bertbaltazar ( 2:56:06 AM): ang tiga pa ng tit mo
marlonrio ( 2:56:42 AM): hhhmmm
bertbaltazar ( 2:56:49 AM): ahhhhhhhh
bertbaltazar ( 2:56:53 AM): siyet sarap mo
bertbaltazar ( 2:56:59 AM): srap ka dilaan
bertbaltazar ( 2:57:04 AM): srap himudin bayag mo
marlonrio ( 2:57:05 AM): hhhmmm]
marlonrio ( 2:57:16 AM): more
bertbaltazar ( 2:57:29 AM): am yours
bertbaltazar ( 2:57:33 AM): whatever you want...

marlonrio ( 2:57:40 AM): 69
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:00 AM): yes....
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:09 AM): i lvoe to suck your cock
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:20 AM): srap... tigas tigas
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:36 AM): hmmmm...
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:42 AM): ahhhhh
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:45 AM): syeeeeeeeeeeeeet

marlonrio ( 2:58:50 AM): suck my balls
bertbaltazar ( 2:58:56 AM): yes...
bertbaltazar ( 2:59:04 AM): sarap dilaan
bertbaltazar ( 2:59:15 AM): basa na rin bayag mo a
bertbaltazar ( 2:59:23 AM): mahirap isubo ang parehong bayag
bertbaltazar ( 2:59:33 AM): salitan kong isubo bayag mo

marlonrio (11/22/2006 2:59:38 AM): kya mo yan
marlonrio ( 3:00:01 AM): rimm me
bertbaltazar ( 3:00:04 AM): oo alam ko... pero tigas titi mo
bertbaltazar ( 3:00:12 AM): yes.. as you like it
bertbaltazar ( 3:00:23 AM): imagine it.. feel my tongue on your ass
bertbaltazar ( 3:00:35 AM): feel the heat
bertbaltazar ( 3:00:41 AM): feel the wetness of my tongue
marlonrio ( 3:01:11 AM): oohhh
bertbaltazar ( 3:01:21 AM): yes ... do come...
bertbaltazar ( 3:01:24 AM): palabas ka na...
bertbaltazar ( 3:01:29 AM): come...
bertbaltazar ( 3:01:39 AM): cum...
bertbaltazar ( 3:01:43 AM): let me suck you
bertbaltazar ( 3:02:02 AM): cum in my mouth
marlonrio ( 3:02:02 AM): more
marlonrio ( 3:02:04 AM): more
bertbaltazar ( 3:02:26 AM): lalabasan na ako .. sa pagjajakol
marlonrio ( 3:02:36 AM): wait
marlonrio ( 3:02:55 AM): konte pa
bertbaltazar ( 3:03:15 AM): think of how i lick your sides
marlonrio ( 3:03:20 AM): yes
marlonrio ( 3:03:22 AM): yes
marlonrio ( 3:03:25 AM): sarap
bertbaltazar ( 3:03:26 AM): think of the warmtn of my mouth
bertbaltazar ( 3:03:35 AM): sinusubo kita ng buong buo
marlonrio ( 3:03:44 AM): puta sarap
bertbaltazar ( 3:03:45 AM): taas baba ulo ko sa pagtsupa sa iyo
bertbaltazar ( 3:04:00 AM): my mouth locking on your dick
marlonrio (11/22/2006 3:04:16 AM): oohhh
bertbaltazar ( 3:04:16 AM): my tongue moving around your head, making circles
bertbaltazar ( 3:04:36 AM): feel my breathing
marlonrio ( 3:04:38 AM): puta sarap
bertbaltazar ( 3:04:45 AM): my sucking out the air
bertbaltazar ( 3:04:54 AM): isipin mo pag vacuum ko sa burat mo
marlonrio ( 3:05:20 AM): lapit nako
marlonrio ( 3:05:24 AM): pre cumm na
bertbaltazar ( 3:05:25 AM): sige...
bertbaltazar ( 3:05:41 AM): jakol ka lang ng jakol dyan
bertbaltazar ( 3:05:52 AM): imagine me.. my mouth
marlonrio ( 3:06:08 AM): yes
marlonrio ( 3:06:19 AM): galing mo tsumupa
marlonrio ( 3:06:33 AM): lapit n
marlonrio ( 3:06:40 AM): knte p
bertbaltazar ( 3:07:24 AM): nagjajaokol ako habang tsupa kita
bertbaltazar ( 3:07:35 AM): hirap mag type at magsalsal
marlonrio ( 3:07:44 AM): sige pa
marlonrio ( 3:07:51 AM): me 2
bertbaltazar ( 3:07:52 AM): isipin mo na lang.. tuloy tuloy ako sa pagsupsup
marlonrio ( 3:08:18 AM): buzz kita pag lalabasan nako
bertbaltazar ( 3:08:34 AM): isipin mo ang pagdila .. parang kumakain ng ice cream
marlonrio ( 3:08:45 AM): puta ang init ng dila mo
bertbaltazar ( 3:09:02 AM): kaya ako pinupuntahan dito

*he buzzed and i saw him jacking off, his sperm spurting to his chest. His cum spurting at least thrice. I was mesmerized.

Monday, November 20, 2006

For a change....

The weekend prove to be too pristine for me. The only bad thing I could think of doing this weekend is reading this hardbound book at powerbooks, and now, only a few chapters and I am finished. Of course, I yearn for a fuck even contemplated to go to Club Bath.. but was more passionate about the book.

Anyway, I got to read a lot on the internet and even took this online poll... the results:

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Afternoon delight... and afternoon delight

16 November 2006. I have been looking forward to this afternoon, Josh would be dropping by. And as Henry have always expressed, there is nothing like a young fresh meat. Dont get me wrong, he is not new, I already have posted a previous cock pic. Am not always out nor lucky to have new fubu but I take my performance seriously so they do keep coming back, and back ... and he is one I love our sexual chemistry.

But surprises of all, Rod was free and would be dropping by too. Rod came earlier and as expected, was able to finish with him by the time Josh came... but he did not leave. So... my twosome with Josh became a threesome.

Does it feel good? See for yourself have such two cocks at both ends... I sat at Rod's cock while gyrating and sucking Josh. The second position was sort of dog fashion me with Rod with Josh underneath me, he was licking my balls while I was sucking his cock. I was in heaven and surprised that Rod came out twice.

A Hard Massage

14 November 2006. Jonas came back asking that I take his pics and make a posting anew. He is now working in a hamburger stand, earning some allowance and a commission on the daily sales. He had applied for work in a spa in the middle east, only to find out that the employment agency was fraud! He counts his blessing though, at least the agency was closed down while he is still here, instead of going abroad only to find out he was fooled.

Jonas would fall behind in terms of looks as against the other masseurs like Danilo and Dexter. But his cock is his best asset, of those I have tried, he is the best fucker of them all. His cock can and always does become hard, he knows how to give a good hard massage and to end it with a hard fucking.

Winner Weekend

12 November 2006. Weaner made me feel a winner. It was a tiresome weekend, and it was coming to an end, no encounters, and three hours till midnight, he came to my pad.

he came and i was conquered

08 November 2006. Nothing new with him, i have enjoyed him several times, and always i do my best to accomodate him. I have written about him earlier, called him the Anchor cock. One thing I like although I do not understand is the sexual chemistry, I have not yet grown tired of his endowment, he makes me hard and horny. Thus he is always welcome.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Massage and Extra at the same time....

Ed wants a massage and wants a good bodily sensation. He is one straight dude and I know he only drops by to get his rocks off. I know he is sort of treating me nothing more than a comfort gay, a ready alternative when he cannot get his rocks off. But then, do I really care? Hell no, as long as he keeps coming back again and again. When I met him, he had a girfriend who is a salesgirl, she is now a distant past. Then she had a teacher as her new girlfriend and because of his job training, they parted ways. And yet, whatever I may be - fuck bud, comfort gay, parausan, whatever, as long as I have him beside me from time to time. I know he does not touch me, he is very passive, he lies down... whatever, I still find it so blissful on those times I lie beside him. I find it fulfilling to have him inside my mouth and my ass, which is a bit more stressful due to his size. Besides, its unrealistic to expect a straight guy to be more active in male sex. I count my blessings, and his cock is a major blessing.

One of the best massage that I had would be from Joshua but he does not give anything more than a handjob.... so there I was, coming to the rescue? Joshua gave Ed a massage while I gave him head. And the ending, I sat on Ed's cock, bobbing on it up and down, till he shuddered and came!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Sex in Singapore

I have embraced myself to have a sexless week, it was a pleasure to have a tour in Singapore but I see no possible action. I was so mistaken!!

I was so afraid, so hesitant.

But I met a guy at Little India, at Serangoon Mall and it was so blissful. He was very hard and nice.

And then Friday night, I had an eyeball at Shogun in Little China. My friend told me that it was a sauna, of which I do not recall any sauna room... but I remember the asian guys there, all fondling each other. I also got fucked thrice that night!!! The first was this big Chub Amerasian Guy who really have a large dick, it was with a lot of lotioning and patience for the condom to fit in. The second is a chinese guy who is slim and have a long medium sized cock, it was nice sucking him but I considered him medium since I did not gag on his cock. The third said he is Malaysian and have a small cock, but his was the hardest of them all. He also suck and nibbled my nipple, thus with him, I came, came, and came again!!! What a night, it was my first, and my last.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Anchor Cock

29 October 2006. I would be leaving for Singapore later. So much to do and yet Joseph promised to drop by. It has been a while since he had me or I had him, so I ended up not doing any chores except get a haircut. I have written about bent cocks, crooked ones, they have a very unique feel. Slanted cocks sort of press more to the wall and like. The most common slant is upwards, and once I had one slanting sideways. Joseph is more unique, his is slanting downwards, thus, it sorts of anchors itself when he pushes it inside, pulls it outside.

I know it is quite long and big, I have a simple gauge in ascertaining size, that is if I would gag sucking their cock - that is it, it is officially large. I told Joseph that I have a new policy, no cock pic, no fuck. But still he did not want to do so. He said I would be posting it on the internet, and I simply replied back.. show me, have you seen any posting? I then smiled. I started to hug him, kiss his sides, slowly moving downwards, center. I took his boxers down, and then his briefs. Yes, he usually wear two underwear, and I have gotten used to taking down both of them.

I know he would be scared and anxious, so I placed a pillow on his body. That way, even if he sees the flash, he knows no face would be taken. But then he still does not want any pic, he grabs his crotch, hides his genitals. I would then coax him with kisses, slurping on his balls, he would release. I then took his cock in my mouth,sucking with all my might, putting my heavy body on his lithe, slim body. With one hand, I took pictures - thus, there... quick shots! It was stolen, he was moaning with delight with my warm moist mouth. My tongue was flicking on his slit. He saw the flash and sat up. He then reached out.

I was then scared, I know he did not want any pictures. I thought he wanted to take the camera,destroy it. I immediately put the camera off and placed it in the drawer, I want to safekeep it, even if I have to delete the pics. I looked back at him.... he was just reaching for the lubricant. :)

As before, I would suck him to hardness and then he would no longer be able to contain it, he would sit up, put some lubricant, and put his cock way back home inside me. I smiled, and I took a pillow behind my pelvis. I never had any problem with his size, it was a well practiced size, my moans making it easier for him to penetrate me. I felt so full. He knows how to plough, he would make a very hard onslaught. He would literally grind himself clockwise, and counter clockwise. He makes me feel good. His head bents down and starts to suck my nipple. I moaned more, moaned louder.

Joseph started to fuck me more furiously, his pacing was faster. He was holding my legs up, stretching them as he feels every inch of my ass walls. I was in heaven, I could just spent being fuck, fuck, and fuck again by him. I need no other cock with him. I heard him pant, I heard his heavy breathing... then he shoved it hard, and shuddered. He was spent, and I am more than happy.