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Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Halloween Special

31 October 2010l, Sunday. Halloween, people are busy trick or tricking. I remember sucking someone on the streets two years ago, I was very afraid of that incident, I saw the cars passing by, I saw the mobile patrols passing by, but I was taken by the man, this stranger that stopped off his bus ... for some fun with me, and he was endowed. He was very hard as I was very scared. That was long ago. Now, back in Manila, I keep my options open and have started the long weekend with cuddling and a little romance last Friday night. Saturday was a rest day, actually it was a no show of the texters, coituzadik had to continue his photoshoot so he was not able to arrive.

I met MP, Meticulous Popoy, today and I spent basically the whole afternoon with him. My brother was looking for me, I did not know I was suppose to go with them to a 1st children's party. Anyway, my Mom and my brother was considered as the best in costume! Good for them, me, it was a serene one, cuddling and resting in his arms.

I LIKE Popoy. If Ting was here, he would know instantly for I was not lazy to accompany Popoy out. After the hot sizzling afternoon, we went out for a merienda at Jollibee and I accompanied him up to MRT Ayala, then I did my halloween shopping. Why so special? Its one of those things that is hard to pinpoint, just something magickal that we were already kissing and necking inside my pad as soon as I closed the door. There was a hunger that consumed us. And yet there is that understanding that when we went inside my room, it was to disrobe and enjoy each others body - no talk, no words, just action.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Chemistry of a threesome ...

28 October 2010, thursday, and the night is not over. Drxxxx is still with me, resting naked on my bed. I did not push him out or anything, then I remembered Archie, who prefoess he is 19yo and wants to drop by for some sex that night. I discretely check my mobile number only to find out... he is on the street! Oh my god! Well, I am sorry I am just human and I have scheduling problems! Would this be my first threesome? An accidental threesome?

I have received a lot of offers to join a threesome or group sex but the thing is, its not that simple. There is a question of scheduling, the availability of the people involve. Then, one also has to consider the personal preferences such as who is active, versatile, and passive! So for me, I usually want to do a one on one with the people first so I would have an inkling who i can group or invite together. I mean, common sense, if one just invite people, only to find that all of you three are all bottoms, or all are top, nothing nice would happen! Likewise, if the participants are very reserve - I might end up the one doing all the work but it only gives me pleasure but not what the participants may be expecting. It is for this reason, I always want to know first the participants else, there might be unhappy results - for them, for I always enjoy... like last night!

Archie arrived, he has round eyes, straigh fall down hair, definitely a student, slim body, he would be classified as a twink. After closing the door, I gave him a hug and fondled his groing, making his cock hard... and yeah, being young, this dick responsed so quickly. Then i psoed the question.. "are you open minded?" He said yes... men with a hard cock does not say no, they just say yes.. to almost anything. And at that, i guided him inside. Drxxxx was surprised to find someone else inside, and his rock hard turn soft, expected but still I hope. Drxxxx was shy about having someone else in the room, he excused himself and went to the bathroom. Oh well, if he bolts out, nothing I can do.

(to be continued)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flattery wins!!

28 October 2010, Thursday. Am now resting on my bed, recalling what has just happened! After Coituzadik, I thought I would rest from sex for a few days, let my ass recuperate and be tight again - but I received this message in PR - pare gwapo k pla! yummy sarap m kantotin from drXXXX. I am only human, and such flattery made me say yes, ok lets meet tonight, 930 pm in my pad.

DrXXXX is similarly tall at 5-8 and 145 lbs, dark skinned. I left him to watch an old porn, Jeff Stryker's Underground while I take a quick shower. Going back inside the room, he was only wearing his underwear - but limp! He is not even hard, I felt a bit threatened, what if I do not excite him? Would this be my first soft episode? He mentioned that the porn is old, so I stood naked, trying to change the dvd. He approached and stood on my back, touching me, and i felt his cock! It was hard and erect, oh my god - he flattered me with words, now he flatters me with his dick, i guess he found my naked ass erotic.

Although I have placed a new m2m porno, we are on to each other. I started sucking on his dick, enjoying its hardness, his cock was fat, I can compare it to the saba, its shape uniquely spherical. Sucking him was a delight, and he likewise enjoying my mouth. I lie on the bed, and he fed his cock. I was on my back, and he shoves his cock into my mouth, in and out, I was salivating. It was time.

I stood up and got the condom and the lubricant. I have to place the condom stretching it over his cock. Drxxxx was on the bed, and I slowly sat on his cock - this is the best position for fat cock like his, this provides control in the ass fucking, I get to adjust to his size on my own terms, if it hurts that much, I would not be at his mercy. Drxxxx was patient likewise, allowing me to adjust on his cock, and soon he was fuly inside me. I rode him, shaked my booty. Then we made it a sitting position, moving until I was on my back, and he was fucking me on top. Then he moved my legs sidewise, a bit difficult considering the size of the bed and our size, but it made me feel his cock to be bigger, making my ass tighter .... delighting both of us, increasing his moans, pleasure, until he could not hold on, and came, but, hard his cock was, he rested on top of me until his cock went soft!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Untitled ... unknown ...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010. I took yesterday as a rest day, made no bookings. I reserve yesterday to simply be with myself and meditate - it was my first day of my 44th year. I wonder and thought how would I start a new life? With another 20 year old? Well, Coituzadik, that is his true nick in PR, is only 20 years old and we have been exchanging messages. I was hesitant with him because he has the looks, his profile pic seemed to be part of a photo shoot, part of a portfolio, and no one wants to be rejected. Ok... Wow ... now, he admits I was correct in my impression. (Yes, he is still seating beside me on my bed as I write this blog post of mine, watching a porno movie). He is a horny 20 year old kid without doubt! (Are you still reading this, or searching for his face pic in PR?) I guess this is a good start for another year of fun.

I believe that there is always a first time as it is my first time to be blogging about someone still in my bed, nothing special about us meeting - except the dreaded rejection upon the moment of meeting each other or in the bedroom. True enough, he had his share of rejection. After the first round, we got to talk, and I got to learn more about him. He stands around 5-8, and 158 lbs, previously he weighed 190 lbs but lost weight after 3 months of gym! He still has to go for that defined muscle look but I already like him as it is, a V shaped body, sturdy big legs! And most importantly, a very hard cock that more than satisfied my mouth and ass, and not only once but twice, so far!

We met at Mcdonalds Libertad at 6 pm, he was very prompt, arriving earlier than me. He was wearing turquoise fitted shirt showing that V shape body of his, no belly. I was afraid that in private he might still turn around or simply leave after his first cum. Thus, arriving in my place - the old modus operandi, I put on a man to man video for him to watch while I took a quick shower. Men would always be visual, watching porn is a sure way to make them horny, raise the libido - thus, minimizing the rejection factor if he finds me lacking physically.

I came back in the room only with a towel, he was still fully cloth. I knelt in front of him, paying homage directly to his crotch - and it was exciting, for he is smooth and white, he epitomizes cleanliness. He has some fine body hair with his legs definitely hairy, that showed in his crotch to his ass. I opened the zipper and he was hard, and I could not take it all in - thus we proceeded to have him bare naked! Oh yes, this one I have to blogged but I took out the camera after I have sucked his dick. What makes the cock special? It was so hard, fat, very sturdy! It was a delight sucking that from the time we arrived in my bedroom to now, he says, give me a blowjob, I simply comply!

PS ... oh wow, he is asking for more bottoms .. any applicants? anyone interested?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Third and last time..

Monday, 25 October 2010. Yes, Angelo made it to my place despite the rains in his place and the rains in my place, thanks to the invention called umbrella. I would be having my third and final fun today, and for my 43rd year. Tomorrow is another day, a start of a new life.

Now, let me describe Angelo, he stand 5-3, 103 lbs. Angelo was definitely smaller than me, he is petite with some sparse body hair. But somehow there was something in the air, he was shy tha hedid not want to go fully inisde the bedroom and stand by the bedside, and there we kissed, made out, grabbing at each other. We were kissing and smooching each other's neck. I took off his shirt, and he took off mine. That point, we separated to take off the rest of our clothes.

Both of us naked, we moved to my bed. Then he was on top of me. There was passion this time, there was hurry not because of time or anything, it was like being thirsty and so near the fountain. We were both in heat, hurried, rushing to sate that horniness and yet, we have the time to caress each toher, nibble ears, lick each others neck. Angelo lavished attention to my nipple, making me gasp for breath, to hold him tight on top of me, grasping his back, holdng his bubble butt buttocks. I could nto help myself but take him full into my mouth, it was his turn to moan, and it was a happy moan. One might think he was about to cum with his moans of delight, I dont care, I was taking delight in sucking him.

Oh wait, time out... I smiled at him and took my camera ... he was at a point that he cannot say no, already had two sessions today with no fotos! Anyway, I just took three photos and then we resumed our sex, it was not love, there was no emotion, it was simply a need, a desire, fire in our loins.

I resumed my cocksucking, and reciprocated in kissing his nipple, his rib care. He is slim and shorter, it was easy to cover his body with my hands. I stop and search for a rubber, it was time for him to be inside me. The bed size limits creativity, we simply tried with my back on the bed, legs in the air in a v shape, my foot resting on his shoulder. He inserted himself, I was propped on a pillow, and it was heaven to have a cock inside my ass again. No, I would not lie and say its big, it was...hard. Hard enough to fuck my ass and make me feel each thrust, to enjoy each push he made, and yearn for it when he pulls back. The need, the hunger was such that soon he said, he was cumming, I said go.. release it!

Then, we lay on my bed, cuddled.

A second time for the second time today

Monday, 25 October 2010. I was waiting for Joey for we set a time at 5 pm but one thing I learned is to keep an open mind, for one can never be sure, and if one really expect, unmet expectations would only lead to frustrations. Anyway, since I did not get any message, I took the time to go to Cartimar and look for a new cat. I likewise received another text from Renz, saying that he wants to meet again for sex. Oh my!

Well, today is my last day of my 43rd year, I would expire as 43 today - minus well have as much fun as I can. I met Renz in Puregold, had a merinda and then asked him to help me bring the bar ref to my new pad. Joey may not have made it but I had Renz. Likewise, things happens in threes or so ... I still have an Angelo who said he would come around 7 pm .... or maybe.. a threesome ... Renz said later that he would be willing to try ... but Angelo turned it down, and then Renz started to leave, he does now want! Renz wants to leave even Angelo arrive... wait... wait.. WAIT!!

A good rule, is to never let a visitor or nay friend down, and so.. I could not allow Renz to leave without having the sex he wanted. I hugged him immediately and attacked his chest. Oh yes, and soon enough I was sucking his cock,making it harder than ever, he even reciprocated as much as sucking my nipples, and then .. we fucked, he was a simple person, i was on my fours on the bed, he entered from behind. This time, I did not push him out as the first time. It was only that position... pumping me until he came, and then he simply dressed up said his goodbye.

Quickest .. fastest...

25 October 2020, Monday, barangay elections, boring start for the week. I still have another post to make, that one with pictures and still making me smile. Why so, Narcissus was so great, I remember cumming, with my cum squirting up to my chest. In the vernacular, sobrang sarap ng hayup, tumapon ang tamod ko hanggang dibdib. Pero kung anong sarap siya, halos wala akong natikman ngayon.

Lets call him Marco. Actually, I was no longer expecting him to come because he was so unsure of himself, asking me if I was game several times, imposing conditions, with crazy notions - like I should promise that I would not hurt him if I do not get satisfied with him because he said he does not exactly work and that he usually just life there. He said he likes to be suck and asking me for anal sex, so I said he should bring his condom, and he asked why should he bring condom? I even reach the point of offering to write an entry in my blog that I am game and willing to have sex with him at least 100 times.

Surprisingly, he did come to my place. I welcome him - and let him watch porn while I take a quick shower. Men are very visual, and since I found him reserve, hard to interpret whether that was still shyness on his part or that he may not have find me to his liking, yeah, lets face it, we all have our insecurities, so I also question myself - its a reality, as there are those who would like me, there would be those who would not like me. I came out of the shower just in towel, and sat beisde him in silence. For guys like him, so silent, so insecure, no spark at the beginning (hey, I had ebs that we end up kissing, making out as soon as I close the door - that spells the need, sex, the attraction ) - the root word was patience. Patience, although I can probably start and have it end so soon.

He asks me if I cum easily, I said no.

"I came quickly", oh huh, meaning?

"Do you have anything else to do?", breath in, deeply, this really requires patience, I mean, if I have something else to do, I would not be in the room with him. I take it with gulp of air.

We sat there. I was quiet, waiting for him to say or act, I do not want to rush, less I spook him more. I want him to have some confidence in himself, let him have the active role, to feel secure about himself.

"Game na?"

Ok.. and he proceeded to take off his clothes. I took my towel off, and as he sat with a pillow covering himself, so did I sat to cov er myself too. :)

Then I pulled his head to start, he was compliant. I know he wants some kissing, some romance, a suck to his cock ... but I remember his warning of coming fast. He was nice, he started sucking my nipple, and there I felt the senation, there started getting hard. I moved our bodies to a lying position, he continued to suck my nipples and it felt good, nice, I started to reciprocae, licking his neck, his shoulders .

"I might cum"

I smiled and simply assured him ... "relax"

With lust running through my body, I took it as my turn to reciprocate.. I gave a licking to his left nipple, while holding his rock hard dick. Start from there and then go down ...

"Am cumming.." I immediately back off, and just watch as his cum.. spurted to his side.. once, twice.. and then thrice..

ah ok.. record time.. less than five minutes in terms our tongues were used....

I dressed up, so did he.. he was polite to ask if he can go ahead, I gave him the nod. And found myself making an immediate blog entry - afterall, its one unique experience that I think people should be able to learn something. What is the moral? Its up to you...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

a watcher in black...

Friday, 22 October 2010. Thank God its Friday. I was looking forward to Narcissus. But then, Kaleb and Coituzaddict were also texting me. There was a misunderstanding and in the end, I did not meet Coituzaddict and Narcissus had a work emergency. There was also the rain to consider ... so I guess it would be a quiet, uneventful friday, then it was Kaleb who arrived!

How shall I describe him? He arrived wearing a cap but even so clothed, I can tell he has a great body. I guess he did noes like me. He watched my videos and I took advantage of touching him, nothing more... I guess one cannot have them all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Serendipity ... dejavuh ??

22 October 2010, 530 pm - nothing more to do in the office just waiting for my clock out time. Its flexi time here so others that have completed their 8 hour work shift have already left. Now, I take the time to think about last night. Yeah, right, it would be my fifth one.. what else would be noteworthy about it? What is so special that I should write and readers to know .... well, for starters - I met him in person on a street corner. I was on my way home last Wednesday night, that was Oct 20 - and he was wearing a scrub suit. It was just a glimpse, and yet i stopped at the street corner, stood on the side, look back - he had likewise stopped at the street corner looking back. Wow! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained ... I just walk back, a few steps ... there is always a first time, and first time to meet and hook up from the streets. He said his name is renz, and I introduced myself as Bert - he said, he is going to schoold, so I acted up fast - can I have your number please? He gave me his number and we went on our ways.

As I walk home, I was smiling. I think I earned the title SLUT again. I felt like my skinhead military cut hair is so long that it is trailing back at me. I know I would be 44 in less than a week, and on these natal day - my innate nature of flirtiness surge. I think its normal that one needs to know that one is still attractive, that one has the mojo, that one still has "it". I have an eyeball that night, from Gigoxxx whom I should pick up from Mcdonalds Evangelista, he had been patient since last week, I have been postponing because of the place... alas, I had to postpone again because of the rains .. I just stayed home that night surfing and texting with that guy on the street named Renz.

Renz is shorter than me and he seems stocky, broad shouldered, moreno, definitely manly and discreet. He has a slight moustache, eyebrows that can be describe as being that of being emperor - there was just simply something about him. Funny, he remembered my name as albert!!! The more I hated my voice, after several weeks, the tone of my voice due to colds/ allergies have not yet normalized, i think the phlegm or mucus I have inside is staying for good. Oh well.. I would let that pass.

The next day, we continued texting ... but this time, I corrected him, I said my name is Bert Baltazar, Herbert Baltazar. Then he texted me back.. Hey, are we still going to meet tonight? I have no classes tommorrow. I am also caregiverenze (not his real profile ) in Planet Romeo ... what the fuck? How.. I checked my planetromeo if i have a face pic or if he has a facepic.. how was he able to connect physical me to the cyber me? Stupid me, the name, of course!! Lol, he was able to connect it, and so I check my planet romeo account.. true enough, the number he already had provided in our message exchanges are the same only that I have not saved that number in my phone. Likewise, i ask when we got to know each other, he said same day he think via the site. Well, there was button for history and soon - he had messaged me and had shown interest on my sexplicit pictures without the face ... first time ever, and so I confirmed to meet him after his classes, 930 pm, thursday, 21 October.

He arrived at my place and there were no longer any surprise or apprehension as to how he looks like. It was simply excitement to find out more about him, bumping into Renz in real life when we were already exchanging messages. Renz turns out to be a Cebuano, he claims to be a farmer tired of farming life and came here in Manila to study caregiving, and then hopefully find a better job, a better life.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A fan's night

20 October 2010. Its now almost 5 pm and I am simply waiting for dismissal time. Being new in the office, I am suppose to be on the adjustment / learning stage so I do not have much work yet - actually I do not have a computer nor internet connection. I am using my own laptop and my own Sun broadband internet. I know I just posted my sex with Lan last monday but I had another encounter last night - I have fixed a bit the open window and the curtains that Lan pointed out. Typhoon Juan is still in the Philipines, and we are now justg experiencing the rains but not as bad as the previous night.

This would be my fourth sexcapade, but.. its my third in a row! Like I said, I like the number 3, I find it magical. Perhaps Jay would be unforgettable although I have some reservations, you see he refers to me as an "idol" in our message exchanges. Apparently the 24 year old call center agent have come across my blog before, and he is fascinated with this blog - which means, he is more likely very discreet or closeted, and that he is definitely young, inexperienced in this life. Yeah, one has to learn how to profile people to b able to understand and jived with them. There is a possibility or risk of a bad sex, i was sort of having a bit of performance anxiety - his reference to me being an idol, is sort of placing me on a pedestal. Duhhh... This reminds me of a comment in planetromeo from a jedmadela "tang ina ... ang libog mo" but he deleted his account even before I could reply. Jay might be expecting too much, that I am buffed, good looking or something. Funny, when I met him, he also has self doubts... I guess I was just better at hiding it. He admires my sex life, meaning, he has a sex life lesser than mine, I would be most likely the mentor or guide. Malibog ako? I believe in enjoying life has to offer, in short, I rarely say No.

He texted me when he is on the way and indicating his estimated arrival. I took the time to fix the pad more, like covered with plastic the open window so I can use the aircon. He said he was in the store across my building, and I went out, there was this big guy leaning on the post. Hmmm.. he is in red tshirt and shorts. I had my doubts, for I was thinking Jay would be coming from his office ... it turns out, he came from Laguna since its his free day. Later, I took note of his free days - Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the rest of the year! Why? Well I had a good time, he performed that I want more of him, I enjoyed sucking on his cock, it was like sucking another Latino. But my gentle giant, he is one of the few 6 footer, is open to possibilities but insecure with himself. Clearly, he needs more time with me, I would be more than willing to provide free sex therapies on his free days. Actually, he committed to come back again tonight and we would have a threesome, sad to say, it was him who backed out due to a family emergency.

I find him dark and manly, taller and bigger than me. I was seriously quiet, body size is no guaranty of dick size and I do not want to expect, less I would simply be disappointed. I know I have been lucky, the dick size have been getting bigger. No rush. I fixed the room, so I can turn on the dvd and play male porn - this is a must, men are very visual, it pays to have them geared up with male pron. I left him alone in the room, to watch, while I took a quick shower. I went back in the room, he was startled, I think he was already touching himself.. good, nice, very nice!! I am not buff or thin, even if he does not find me physically hot, he would be feeling hot from the porn, easier to seducing him for sex. Learning from Lan, I sat on his back, hugging him, providing him some comfort, some security. I started caressing him with my hands, kissing his back, the neck..he shivered in delight, moaned. And that was my cue to touch his groin... BINGO! My luck holds, WOW!! As much as I was delighted the previous night, I was more delighted to find a bigger dick, it was like having a venezuelan dick again.

I went down and started sucking him.. teasing his glans and all, taking all of his manly inches inside my mouth, puckering up my lips, tightening it and all. He enjoyed it, Jay was moaning. And as I sensed that he is not only endowed, now biggest of the four.. it was also slightly bent ... oh dear, coming from Laguna, I left him and brought out the camera - and knowing this blog, there was not much discussion. He however apologized that he is not as big as my other friends, I told him - of the four that I had so far, he is the biggest, with his cock rivaling or eaul to that of the Latino cocks.

I was sucking his cock, then his nipple while jacking off his cock. I want him to have more sensation, it has been awhile to have such a size. Jay was blessed with his manhood, but he has his emotional scars, he was hesitant, insecure - he said he wanted me to sit on him so I would be in control, he does not want to hurt me. So, in one of my dialogues.. "Hurt me!!! Fuck me!!!" His cock hurts, but it was divine, it felt nice, home in my ass ... sad to say, we changed positions and even in the dark, I noted some mess on the condom, so I took it off. He asked why, I just said I was a bit tired, and that we would do it again. I throw, washed my hands.. and then back to oral sex. See, I told you... he was gifted and yet he was emotionally hurt but others who judged him less. Jay said that at times he would go for an eyeball but nothing happens, I guess they were intimidated by his size - I mean what if he turns out to be a bad person, a robber.... ooops, his height puts him in an advantage, so it is in a way understandable. I said to him.. "their loss, my gain".

The oral sex was good, he enjoyed my oral ministrations, he even reciprocated and we tried 69 each other despite the cramp single bed that I have. I promised myself I would buy a bigger bed. I was so primed, I took another condom and placed it on his cock. From sitting on it, I moved that we are both seated, and then he would suck on my nipple.. it was heaven!!! There was also physical pain, he was holding my back, and at times, the pleasure was so much, he would grab my back so hard, it hurts... so I have to caution him. Wow.... We tried several positions, I like being on my back while he fucks my hole, in and out, fucking it hard. But, he would stop, he was afraid of hurting me, his insecurity with his manhood shows, and I have to encourage him. He does not seem to realize how good his cock feels, how comforting it was to be wrapped in his arms. He asked that he hopes it would not be the first and last time, that we would do it again... Oh yes, yes is the only answer I could give. Actually, he, Jay would be a good fubu, him I can share with others. Now, I have a partner for potential threesomes!! Yes, my luck is changing.

Do not get me wrong ... confusing at it may be, the previous nigh is magical - I love the cuddling and more with Lan, I felt secure and all - but he, I want to keep for myself, besides I sense he is not into group love anyway. Jay however is open to possibilities just hesitant, insecure that others would like him too... duhhh!!!

I rode him out, then I was on my fours, he was fucking me from behind. OH MY GOD! I thought he would be cumming, it felt bigger and all, and he was fucking my ass, moving inside out, and I was moaning, enjoying his flesh inside me. His hands moving from my nipple, to my ass, to my cock. I was simply ecstatic with pleasure looking for more ex with him and all... I cannot wait for the next time ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Magickal Third

19 October 2010, I am here on my bed, smiling, content, happy remembering about last night. In a way I have written about the first, then I had my second last Sunday night. And the second was better, definitely worth repeating and all, actually I did not push the idea of photos since he lives nearby I know he would come back. I was then excited with my third sexcapade - and he would be coming with the storm Juan!

I was in Tagaytay last weekend with my family and I suffered cold, most likely from allergies. The Net provided me with chat mates and a lot of promises, in the end, I thought I would pass the opportunity for that day. I was honestly miserable with my nose running and clogged heavily! Actually I was booked with someone claiming to have a seven inch cock but I have my reservations because he has no job - he might ask for something, he does not even have a mobile which he claims to have been robbed from him. So, I was not expecting anything more. Then, Shiro texted me, asking if he can at least come for he wants to be suck. Oh well, remembering someone belittling that I would be lucky - I went for it, after all, he said he just need to take a tricycle! And so, in short, I had my second sexcapade this month.

And yesterday, I met Lan. We we were chatting in YM. I was not expecting really anything since he lives in Caloocan and I am in Pasay, that means at least one hour travel time or so. Then, one has to consider that Supertyphoon Juan that was bringing rains and winds. He arrived earlier than me, he was already there in my Pad while I was just about to leave office. I took a tricycle to arrive paster and there he was, a Filipino moreno, slim, around 5-6, 140 lbs.

Thus, on my third monday, i was on the third floor, third door on the right, about to have my third sexcapade! He was serious and his face expressionless, not smiling, not frowning - does he want me? Would he back out? I do have my moments of insecurities. But thinking about my history, these men are very discrete, if I would have met them on the street, I would not be able to sniff anything!

The place was still in a disarray, the aircon has been installed but there is still a big wide gap in the window that should be boarded up. When the rain did strike, Lan assisted me in placing palstic over it. I like Lan, I had a marvelous time. It was not sex really, he was after tenderness, intimacy. We sat on the same bed I have used before, there are no pillows, but a fresh now 2 inch foam. Lan sat behind me, and embraced me. It was very comforting, feeling secured while the wind howled, and rain falling down.

He was gentle buthis hand went to my chest, tweaking my nipple. Oh my God! Its my nipple, my achilles heel, my most erogenous zone. I was squirming, and like a moron with reason I faced him. He started the fire in me, a thirst that can only be sated by sucking his cock. He was apologetic that he might not be endowed, gifted to satisfy me. I could only smile at his insecurity, his cock was just right, and funny it sounds, of the three I had so far, he was the biggest! Now, this is the form of cock that I was used too! I was not sure if he would be back or not, and not to miss my chance - I went out for my camera. He said he is not sure if he wants his photos taken, I said, give me a chance ... then judge for yourself. I guess my deep throat and sucking technique left him defenseless to refuse.

He consistently focused on my nipple and I was like a bitch in heat. We were hugging, dry humping, I was hungry for him. We had sex, as in SEX, and he even gave me some orals making me squirm in delight... I could not stand it that i stood up and got a condom. The typhoon was wild, as we are also getting wild. No aircon, but it was still cold from the bed weather, and yet we are warming each other by our bodies. I placed the condom on his dick, and he allowed me to sit on it, ride his cock, squirm while we hug each other very tightly. We changed positions, trying various styles, basically still with his cock inside me. Oh yes ... I am definitely home, and happy for as they say, third try is a charm!

After the sex ... we just hugged and cuddled together, afterall, how could we leave with so heavy rains ... and i felt heavy for him to leave... the best sex to date, like wise just lying there cuddling amidst the typhoon was ... simply incredible!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boring weekend in Caracas?

16 October 2010, Manila. I cannot but help remember my life in Caracas. Although the first year was relatively boring, my last year was definitely, unquestionably, undeniably active in sex. Today and the coming weekend, I am booked with my family just the same as the two weekends since I arrived. But I hope and plan to resume the fun before I would be physically old to continue with an active sex life. I am very thankful that despite the personal problems I have - this private part of my life is relatively ok or good than other people.

Although, in terms of networking sites, I seem to get more hits or referral from friendster. In terms of bookings or getting mobile numbers, its Planetromeo (formerly G4M, or Guys 4 Men) that has more membership. I used to get my contacts from Manhunt which contains my updated pictures, the popularity of a site seems so relative to a certain location.

Three Saturdays ago, or Sept 25, I was still in Caracas, quiet and all since I just have my things moved out. I met again with Nelson, someone I met in a 02 Sept party. We sort of established an eye contact and exchange numbers, but did not get the chance to meet again - part of the problem of scheduling and it was usually raining in the afternoon in Caracas, making people just simply stay home or stay in their offices.

I remember saying yes to Ricar238 for a quick fuck that after lunch. Carlos36 was already in my pad and it would be a threesome. Sex or Lust is almost like Love in that aspect, so hard to plan, I just simply go with the flow.

I did have sex with Ricar238, it was a repeat sex, no excitement as to how he would be in bed. It was a bit harder I guess with no visual stimuli in the room - I no longer have any TV nor dvd, but at least I was able to make his dick hard and straight. Soon enough he was fucking my ass, it was at this point that Carlos36 went inside the room and got naked. So as Roicar238 was fucking me, he was sucking Carlos36. My ass was happy from the onslaught of Ricar238 since he is without question endowed, but as much as he fuck me, I know he wants a cock inside him also. Anyway, he was not who I was waiting for.

My celphone rang and true enough, Nelson was in the vicinity. I excused myself and dressed up - leaving the sex to Ricar238 and carlos36 to finish each other. Nelson seems a little bit conservative and I was a bit hesitant to invite him up and immediately join the ongoing sex, besides, knowing Ricar238, once he cums, he would just dress up and go. Carlos36 takes time cumming and would most likely would not cum in their session, he usually cum jacking off while someone eat his nipple. It would be a bit too fast, if we decide to join in, for soon, their would be ending, besides, what if Nelson is conservative? I did not even tell him that I have company.

I went down the building. I was surprised to see him with two friends. Hmmmm.. a surprise orgy? So I would not just have a possible threesome, foursome.. but a full blast orgy... NICE!!! This would be my last saturday and it would be definitely nice, I was already imagining myself on my knees surrounded by all these latinos! Then I saw him wave, and his other friends left. Oh my, so much for that fantasy.

I brought him up the floor, offered some drinks, he took water and we just stayed there in the kitchen. I was afraid to bring him inside the room where I know Ricar238 and Carlos36 are most likely fucking each other.

Nelson and I kissed, he was so caring that he was feeling my whole body first. Thus, he was seated on a dining chair and I went down on him. He was not exactly as big in terms of the sizes as the other two but it was definitely hard, and it is this hardness that he sustained the whole afternoon! Thus, later on, I was able to take pictures of him .. and until Carlos36 joined us..