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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A fan's night

20 October 2010. Its now almost 5 pm and I am simply waiting for dismissal time. Being new in the office, I am suppose to be on the adjustment / learning stage so I do not have much work yet - actually I do not have a computer nor internet connection. I am using my own laptop and my own Sun broadband internet. I know I just posted my sex with Lan last monday but I had another encounter last night - I have fixed a bit the open window and the curtains that Lan pointed out. Typhoon Juan is still in the Philipines, and we are now justg experiencing the rains but not as bad as the previous night.

This would be my fourth sexcapade, but.. its my third in a row! Like I said, I like the number 3, I find it magical. Perhaps Jay would be unforgettable although I have some reservations, you see he refers to me as an "idol" in our message exchanges. Apparently the 24 year old call center agent have come across my blog before, and he is fascinated with this blog - which means, he is more likely very discreet or closeted, and that he is definitely young, inexperienced in this life. Yeah, one has to learn how to profile people to b able to understand and jived with them. There is a possibility or risk of a bad sex, i was sort of having a bit of performance anxiety - his reference to me being an idol, is sort of placing me on a pedestal. Duhhh... This reminds me of a comment in planetromeo from a jedmadela "tang ina ... ang libog mo" but he deleted his account even before I could reply. Jay might be expecting too much, that I am buffed, good looking or something. Funny, when I met him, he also has self doubts... I guess I was just better at hiding it. He admires my sex life, meaning, he has a sex life lesser than mine, I would be most likely the mentor or guide. Malibog ako? I believe in enjoying life has to offer, in short, I rarely say No.

He texted me when he is on the way and indicating his estimated arrival. I took the time to fix the pad more, like covered with plastic the open window so I can use the aircon. He said he was in the store across my building, and I went out, there was this big guy leaning on the post. Hmmm.. he is in red tshirt and shorts. I had my doubts, for I was thinking Jay would be coming from his office ... it turns out, he came from Laguna since its his free day. Later, I took note of his free days - Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the rest of the year! Why? Well I had a good time, he performed that I want more of him, I enjoyed sucking on his cock, it was like sucking another Latino. But my gentle giant, he is one of the few 6 footer, is open to possibilities but insecure with himself. Clearly, he needs more time with me, I would be more than willing to provide free sex therapies on his free days. Actually, he committed to come back again tonight and we would have a threesome, sad to say, it was him who backed out due to a family emergency.

I find him dark and manly, taller and bigger than me. I was seriously quiet, body size is no guaranty of dick size and I do not want to expect, less I would simply be disappointed. I know I have been lucky, the dick size have been getting bigger. No rush. I fixed the room, so I can turn on the dvd and play male porn - this is a must, men are very visual, it pays to have them geared up with male pron. I left him alone in the room, to watch, while I took a quick shower. I went back in the room, he was startled, I think he was already touching himself.. good, nice, very nice!! I am not buff or thin, even if he does not find me physically hot, he would be feeling hot from the porn, easier to seducing him for sex. Learning from Lan, I sat on his back, hugging him, providing him some comfort, some security. I started caressing him with my hands, kissing his back, the neck..he shivered in delight, moaned. And that was my cue to touch his groin... BINGO! My luck holds, WOW!! As much as I was delighted the previous night, I was more delighted to find a bigger dick, it was like having a venezuelan dick again.

I went down and started sucking him.. teasing his glans and all, taking all of his manly inches inside my mouth, puckering up my lips, tightening it and all. He enjoyed it, Jay was moaning. And as I sensed that he is not only endowed, now biggest of the four.. it was also slightly bent ... oh dear, coming from Laguna, I left him and brought out the camera - and knowing this blog, there was not much discussion. He however apologized that he is not as big as my other friends, I told him - of the four that I had so far, he is the biggest, with his cock rivaling or eaul to that of the Latino cocks.

I was sucking his cock, then his nipple while jacking off his cock. I want him to have more sensation, it has been awhile to have such a size. Jay was blessed with his manhood, but he has his emotional scars, he was hesitant, insecure - he said he wanted me to sit on him so I would be in control, he does not want to hurt me. So, in one of my dialogues.. "Hurt me!!! Fuck me!!!" His cock hurts, but it was divine, it felt nice, home in my ass ... sad to say, we changed positions and even in the dark, I noted some mess on the condom, so I took it off. He asked why, I just said I was a bit tired, and that we would do it again. I throw, washed my hands.. and then back to oral sex. See, I told you... he was gifted and yet he was emotionally hurt but others who judged him less. Jay said that at times he would go for an eyeball but nothing happens, I guess they were intimidated by his size - I mean what if he turns out to be a bad person, a robber.... ooops, his height puts him in an advantage, so it is in a way understandable. I said to him.. "their loss, my gain".

The oral sex was good, he enjoyed my oral ministrations, he even reciprocated and we tried 69 each other despite the cramp single bed that I have. I promised myself I would buy a bigger bed. I was so primed, I took another condom and placed it on his cock. From sitting on it, I moved that we are both seated, and then he would suck on my nipple.. it was heaven!!! There was also physical pain, he was holding my back, and at times, the pleasure was so much, he would grab my back so hard, it hurts... so I have to caution him. Wow.... We tried several positions, I like being on my back while he fucks my hole, in and out, fucking it hard. But, he would stop, he was afraid of hurting me, his insecurity with his manhood shows, and I have to encourage him. He does not seem to realize how good his cock feels, how comforting it was to be wrapped in his arms. He asked that he hopes it would not be the first and last time, that we would do it again... Oh yes, yes is the only answer I could give. Actually, he, Jay would be a good fubu, him I can share with others. Now, I have a partner for potential threesomes!! Yes, my luck is changing.

Do not get me wrong ... confusing at it may be, the previous nigh is magical - I love the cuddling and more with Lan, I felt secure and all - but he, I want to keep for myself, besides I sense he is not into group love anyway. Jay however is open to possibilities just hesitant, insecure that others would like him too... duhhh!!!

I rode him out, then I was on my fours, he was fucking me from behind. OH MY GOD! I thought he would be cumming, it felt bigger and all, and he was fucking my ass, moving inside out, and I was moaning, enjoying his flesh inside me. His hands moving from my nipple, to my ass, to my cock. I was simply ecstatic with pleasure looking for more ex with him and all... I cannot wait for the next time ...

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