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Friday, October 22, 2010

Serendipity ... dejavuh ??

22 October 2010, 530 pm - nothing more to do in the office just waiting for my clock out time. Its flexi time here so others that have completed their 8 hour work shift have already left. Now, I take the time to think about last night. Yeah, right, it would be my fifth one.. what else would be noteworthy about it? What is so special that I should write and readers to know .... well, for starters - I met him in person on a street corner. I was on my way home last Wednesday night, that was Oct 20 - and he was wearing a scrub suit. It was just a glimpse, and yet i stopped at the street corner, stood on the side, look back - he had likewise stopped at the street corner looking back. Wow! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained ... I just walk back, a few steps ... there is always a first time, and first time to meet and hook up from the streets. He said his name is renz, and I introduced myself as Bert - he said, he is going to schoold, so I acted up fast - can I have your number please? He gave me his number and we went on our ways.

As I walk home, I was smiling. I think I earned the title SLUT again. I felt like my skinhead military cut hair is so long that it is trailing back at me. I know I would be 44 in less than a week, and on these natal day - my innate nature of flirtiness surge. I think its normal that one needs to know that one is still attractive, that one has the mojo, that one still has "it". I have an eyeball that night, from Gigoxxx whom I should pick up from Mcdonalds Evangelista, he had been patient since last week, I have been postponing because of the place... alas, I had to postpone again because of the rains .. I just stayed home that night surfing and texting with that guy on the street named Renz.

Renz is shorter than me and he seems stocky, broad shouldered, moreno, definitely manly and discreet. He has a slight moustache, eyebrows that can be describe as being that of being emperor - there was just simply something about him. Funny, he remembered my name as albert!!! The more I hated my voice, after several weeks, the tone of my voice due to colds/ allergies have not yet normalized, i think the phlegm or mucus I have inside is staying for good. Oh well.. I would let that pass.

The next day, we continued texting ... but this time, I corrected him, I said my name is Bert Baltazar, Herbert Baltazar. Then he texted me back.. Hey, are we still going to meet tonight? I have no classes tommorrow. I am also caregiverenze (not his real profile ) in Planet Romeo ... what the fuck? How.. I checked my planetromeo if i have a face pic or if he has a facepic.. how was he able to connect physical me to the cyber me? Stupid me, the name, of course!! Lol, he was able to connect it, and so I check my planet romeo account.. true enough, the number he already had provided in our message exchanges are the same only that I have not saved that number in my phone. Likewise, i ask when we got to know each other, he said same day he think via the site. Well, there was button for history and soon - he had messaged me and had shown interest on my sexplicit pictures without the face ... first time ever, and so I confirmed to meet him after his classes, 930 pm, thursday, 21 October.

He arrived at my place and there were no longer any surprise or apprehension as to how he looks like. It was simply excitement to find out more about him, bumping into Renz in real life when we were already exchanging messages. Renz turns out to be a Cebuano, he claims to be a farmer tired of farming life and came here in Manila to study caregiving, and then hopefully find a better job, a better life.

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