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Monday, October 25, 2010

Third and last time..

Monday, 25 October 2010. Yes, Angelo made it to my place despite the rains in his place and the rains in my place, thanks to the invention called umbrella. I would be having my third and final fun today, and for my 43rd year. Tomorrow is another day, a start of a new life.

Now, let me describe Angelo, he stand 5-3, 103 lbs. Angelo was definitely smaller than me, he is petite with some sparse body hair. But somehow there was something in the air, he was shy tha hedid not want to go fully inisde the bedroom and stand by the bedside, and there we kissed, made out, grabbing at each other. We were kissing and smooching each other's neck. I took off his shirt, and he took off mine. That point, we separated to take off the rest of our clothes.

Both of us naked, we moved to my bed. Then he was on top of me. There was passion this time, there was hurry not because of time or anything, it was like being thirsty and so near the fountain. We were both in heat, hurried, rushing to sate that horniness and yet, we have the time to caress each toher, nibble ears, lick each others neck. Angelo lavished attention to my nipple, making me gasp for breath, to hold him tight on top of me, grasping his back, holdng his bubble butt buttocks. I could nto help myself but take him full into my mouth, it was his turn to moan, and it was a happy moan. One might think he was about to cum with his moans of delight, I dont care, I was taking delight in sucking him.

Oh wait, time out... I smiled at him and took my camera ... he was at a point that he cannot say no, already had two sessions today with no fotos! Anyway, I just took three photos and then we resumed our sex, it was not love, there was no emotion, it was simply a need, a desire, fire in our loins.

I resumed my cocksucking, and reciprocated in kissing his nipple, his rib care. He is slim and shorter, it was easy to cover his body with my hands. I stop and search for a rubber, it was time for him to be inside me. The bed size limits creativity, we simply tried with my back on the bed, legs in the air in a v shape, my foot resting on his shoulder. He inserted himself, I was propped on a pillow, and it was heaven to have a cock inside my ass again. No, I would not lie and say its big, it was...hard. Hard enough to fuck my ass and make me feel each thrust, to enjoy each push he made, and yearn for it when he pulls back. The need, the hunger was such that soon he said, he was cumming, I said go.. release it!

Then, we lay on my bed, cuddled.


  1. Advance Happy Birthday Herbert!

    May you blow 44 big candles!

  2. from PR ***smun*** 19. Oct. 2010 - 06:47
    i have been visiting your blog for quite some time

    you are an inspiration for me ^_^ in a sense hehe

    you are truly amazing

    and i am very glad you are kind enough to share your adventures

    every bottom like me dreams of having escapades like that

    and you are living it ^_^

    wish i could participate... kahit camera man lang hehe

    more power and keep it up idol

  3. Great to see you are back in Manila and keeping up the good blogging. I can't wait for the next installment of your exciting life. Happy 44th!!!