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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flattery wins!!

28 October 2010, Thursday. Am now resting on my bed, recalling what has just happened! After Coituzadik, I thought I would rest from sex for a few days, let my ass recuperate and be tight again - but I received this message in PR - pare gwapo k pla! yummy sarap m kantotin from drXXXX. I am only human, and such flattery made me say yes, ok lets meet tonight, 930 pm in my pad.

DrXXXX is similarly tall at 5-8 and 145 lbs, dark skinned. I left him to watch an old porn, Jeff Stryker's Underground while I take a quick shower. Going back inside the room, he was only wearing his underwear - but limp! He is not even hard, I felt a bit threatened, what if I do not excite him? Would this be my first soft episode? He mentioned that the porn is old, so I stood naked, trying to change the dvd. He approached and stood on my back, touching me, and i felt his cock! It was hard and erect, oh my god - he flattered me with words, now he flatters me with his dick, i guess he found my naked ass erotic.

Although I have placed a new m2m porno, we are on to each other. I started sucking on his dick, enjoying its hardness, his cock was fat, I can compare it to the saba, its shape uniquely spherical. Sucking him was a delight, and he likewise enjoying my mouth. I lie on the bed, and he fed his cock. I was on my back, and he shoves his cock into my mouth, in and out, I was salivating. It was time.

I stood up and got the condom and the lubricant. I have to place the condom stretching it over his cock. Drxxxx was on the bed, and I slowly sat on his cock - this is the best position for fat cock like his, this provides control in the ass fucking, I get to adjust to his size on my own terms, if it hurts that much, I would not be at his mercy. Drxxxx was patient likewise, allowing me to adjust on his cock, and soon he was fuly inside me. I rode him, shaked my booty. Then we made it a sitting position, moving until I was on my back, and he was fucking me on top. Then he moved my legs sidewise, a bit difficult considering the size of the bed and our size, but it made me feel his cock to be bigger, making my ass tighter .... delighting both of us, increasing his moans, pleasure, until he could not hold on, and came, but, hard his cock was, he rested on top of me until his cock went soft!

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