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Monday, October 25, 2010

Quickest .. fastest...

25 October 2020, Monday, barangay elections, boring start for the week. I still have another post to make, that one with pictures and still making me smile. Why so, Narcissus was so great, I remember cumming, with my cum squirting up to my chest. In the vernacular, sobrang sarap ng hayup, tumapon ang tamod ko hanggang dibdib. Pero kung anong sarap siya, halos wala akong natikman ngayon.

Lets call him Marco. Actually, I was no longer expecting him to come because he was so unsure of himself, asking me if I was game several times, imposing conditions, with crazy notions - like I should promise that I would not hurt him if I do not get satisfied with him because he said he does not exactly work and that he usually just life there. He said he likes to be suck and asking me for anal sex, so I said he should bring his condom, and he asked why should he bring condom? I even reach the point of offering to write an entry in my blog that I am game and willing to have sex with him at least 100 times.

Surprisingly, he did come to my place. I welcome him - and let him watch porn while I take a quick shower. Men are very visual, and since I found him reserve, hard to interpret whether that was still shyness on his part or that he may not have find me to his liking, yeah, lets face it, we all have our insecurities, so I also question myself - its a reality, as there are those who would like me, there would be those who would not like me. I came out of the shower just in towel, and sat beisde him in silence. For guys like him, so silent, so insecure, no spark at the beginning (hey, I had ebs that we end up kissing, making out as soon as I close the door - that spells the need, sex, the attraction ) - the root word was patience. Patience, although I can probably start and have it end so soon.

He asks me if I cum easily, I said no.

"I came quickly", oh huh, meaning?

"Do you have anything else to do?", breath in, deeply, this really requires patience, I mean, if I have something else to do, I would not be in the room with him. I take it with gulp of air.

We sat there. I was quiet, waiting for him to say or act, I do not want to rush, less I spook him more. I want him to have some confidence in himself, let him have the active role, to feel secure about himself.

"Game na?"

Ok.. and he proceeded to take off his clothes. I took my towel off, and as he sat with a pillow covering himself, so did I sat to cov er myself too. :)

Then I pulled his head to start, he was compliant. I know he wants some kissing, some romance, a suck to his cock ... but I remember his warning of coming fast. He was nice, he started sucking my nipple, and there I felt the senation, there started getting hard. I moved our bodies to a lying position, he continued to suck my nipples and it felt good, nice, I started to reciprocae, licking his neck, his shoulders .

"I might cum"

I smiled and simply assured him ... "relax"

With lust running through my body, I took it as my turn to reciprocate.. I gave a licking to his left nipple, while holding his rock hard dick. Start from there and then go down ...

"Am cumming.." I immediately back off, and just watch as his cum.. spurted to his side.. once, twice.. and then thrice..

ah ok.. record time.. less than five minutes in terms our tongues were used....

I dressed up, so did he.. he was polite to ask if he can go ahead, I gave him the nod. And found myself making an immediate blog entry - afterall, its one unique experience that I think people should be able to learn something. What is the moral? Its up to you...

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