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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missing Surprise Saturdays

Its now 9 October 2010. Back in Manila and I have lasted more than a week of abstinence, well by choice. I am not comfortable running to the nearest bath house nor running to somebody else place for some fun. I do have received numbers and invitations, and what is most memorable is having an eye contact with a yummy 20s last wednesday morning on my way to work. I guess we were both on our way to work when I saw him, and then the look back and all... unfortunately I was in a tricycle and the the stop sign turned green when he finally decided to walk to me! Oh well, at least I still have some ooomph with me. I think my sex adventures would continue.

I arrived evening of last Saturday, 02 October and have problem with the pollution but more to the dust in our house - and that is my excuse to get out of my mother's house and to having my own pad again. Oh yes, the crime scene would still be the same building I had 3 years ago. Today, I would test if the same bed is still usable or I would have to buy a new one. I have already accepted buying an aircon, cabinet, microwave, electric fan, television ... etc etc. Well, one needs a crime scene to have some fun.

Back in Caracas, Venezuela - saturdays are spent in my house so that friends can easily drop by and some fun happens. Yesterday, I chatted with a 23 yr old model aspirant from Brazil, he said he is in town auditioning as a model, he seems nice and curious. Let us name him Brachi - no, I am not fantasizing about meeting him or so, I already had my share of handsome faces and great bodies. He got curious getting to know this blog of mine, and ASKED whether my pictures and blog are true. I smiled but within my head - what? After 5 years of blogging, with pictures, someone still doubts me, thinking that this is fiction? Duhhhhh. That is precisely why I take photos, even of just their cocks, that my sexperiences are not my mental works but simply honest to goodness cock sucking that when I am lucking ends up in my ass!!!

Now, lying here on my bed, blogging again ... makes me miss Caracas, let me remember one Saturday when I had John, Carlos36, and Jorge all in the same bed. Carlos36 and Jorge spent their weekends with me in my last two months - and John called if I was alone, I said no, and that he can drop by and we could have some fun. I think that was third or fourth time with him, anyway, it was definitely my last time with him. I have posted pictures of him and it was a bit wholesome, taken after our sex. This time, with all the action, after I had my share of fun, I took souvenir photos of them having sex!

I love John with his young athletic body, it was such a delight being sucked by him, and sucking, while he suck the cocks of Carlos36 and Jorge. The mirror likewise reflected our sex, an extended one, I was soon on my back, legs in the air, with John inside me - I hugged him tight to my body so his ass would be open of which Jorge took. Actually, Jorge and Carlos36 took turns fucking his ass, all the time that John was inside me. I felt both fucking, and it was great! Likewise, at one point, the combination was me, john, jorge, and carlos36 inside jorge - we were feeling and seeing everything in the mirror. Jorge likes to look at the mirror, it sort of doubles the sensation he gets.

John was smitten in a way with Jorge that they exchange numbers and all. I dont mind sharing and all, more so if I would be the one beneath of them. I miss all that action. Anyway, let me share some photos - that it happened and not just my pigment of imagination.


  1. welcome back!

    i see that the fun will continue.

  2. the fun shall continue ... as long as i can ... life must go on