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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Magickal Third

19 October 2010, I am here on my bed, smiling, content, happy remembering about last night. In a way I have written about the first, then I had my second last Sunday night. And the second was better, definitely worth repeating and all, actually I did not push the idea of photos since he lives nearby I know he would come back. I was then excited with my third sexcapade - and he would be coming with the storm Juan!

I was in Tagaytay last weekend with my family and I suffered cold, most likely from allergies. The Net provided me with chat mates and a lot of promises, in the end, I thought I would pass the opportunity for that day. I was honestly miserable with my nose running and clogged heavily! Actually I was booked with someone claiming to have a seven inch cock but I have my reservations because he has no job - he might ask for something, he does not even have a mobile which he claims to have been robbed from him. So, I was not expecting anything more. Then, Shiro texted me, asking if he can at least come for he wants to be suck. Oh well, remembering someone belittling that I would be lucky - I went for it, after all, he said he just need to take a tricycle! And so, in short, I had my second sexcapade this month.

And yesterday, I met Lan. We we were chatting in YM. I was not expecting really anything since he lives in Caloocan and I am in Pasay, that means at least one hour travel time or so. Then, one has to consider that Supertyphoon Juan that was bringing rains and winds. He arrived earlier than me, he was already there in my Pad while I was just about to leave office. I took a tricycle to arrive paster and there he was, a Filipino moreno, slim, around 5-6, 140 lbs.

Thus, on my third monday, i was on the third floor, third door on the right, about to have my third sexcapade! He was serious and his face expressionless, not smiling, not frowning - does he want me? Would he back out? I do have my moments of insecurities. But thinking about my history, these men are very discrete, if I would have met them on the street, I would not be able to sniff anything!

The place was still in a disarray, the aircon has been installed but there is still a big wide gap in the window that should be boarded up. When the rain did strike, Lan assisted me in placing palstic over it. I like Lan, I had a marvelous time. It was not sex really, he was after tenderness, intimacy. We sat on the same bed I have used before, there are no pillows, but a fresh now 2 inch foam. Lan sat behind me, and embraced me. It was very comforting, feeling secured while the wind howled, and rain falling down.

He was gentle buthis hand went to my chest, tweaking my nipple. Oh my God! Its my nipple, my achilles heel, my most erogenous zone. I was squirming, and like a moron with reason I faced him. He started the fire in me, a thirst that can only be sated by sucking his cock. He was apologetic that he might not be endowed, gifted to satisfy me. I could only smile at his insecurity, his cock was just right, and funny it sounds, of the three I had so far, he was the biggest! Now, this is the form of cock that I was used too! I was not sure if he would be back or not, and not to miss my chance - I went out for my camera. He said he is not sure if he wants his photos taken, I said, give me a chance ... then judge for yourself. I guess my deep throat and sucking technique left him defenseless to refuse.

He consistently focused on my nipple and I was like a bitch in heat. We were hugging, dry humping, I was hungry for him. We had sex, as in SEX, and he even gave me some orals making me squirm in delight... I could not stand it that i stood up and got a condom. The typhoon was wild, as we are also getting wild. No aircon, but it was still cold from the bed weather, and yet we are warming each other by our bodies. I placed the condom on his dick, and he allowed me to sit on it, ride his cock, squirm while we hug each other very tightly. We changed positions, trying various styles, basically still with his cock inside me. Oh yes ... I am definitely home, and happy for as they say, third try is a charm!

After the sex ... we just hugged and cuddled together, afterall, how could we leave with so heavy rains ... and i felt heavy for him to leave... the best sex to date, like wise just lying there cuddling amidst the typhoon was ... simply incredible!

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  1. i would love to do it with you. How can i keep in touch?