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Monday, October 25, 2010

A second time for the second time today

Monday, 25 October 2010. I was waiting for Joey for we set a time at 5 pm but one thing I learned is to keep an open mind, for one can never be sure, and if one really expect, unmet expectations would only lead to frustrations. Anyway, since I did not get any message, I took the time to go to Cartimar and look for a new cat. I likewise received another text from Renz, saying that he wants to meet again for sex. Oh my!

Well, today is my last day of my 43rd year, I would expire as 43 today - minus well have as much fun as I can. I met Renz in Puregold, had a merinda and then asked him to help me bring the bar ref to my new pad. Joey may not have made it but I had Renz. Likewise, things happens in threes or so ... I still have an Angelo who said he would come around 7 pm .... or maybe.. a threesome ... Renz said later that he would be willing to try ... but Angelo turned it down, and then Renz started to leave, he does now want! Renz wants to leave even Angelo arrive... wait... wait.. WAIT!!

A good rule, is to never let a visitor or nay friend down, and so.. I could not allow Renz to leave without having the sex he wanted. I hugged him immediately and attacked his chest. Oh yes, and soon enough I was sucking his cock,making it harder than ever, he even reciprocated as much as sucking my nipples, and then .. we fucked, he was a simple person, i was on my fours on the bed, he entered from behind. This time, I did not push him out as the first time. It was only that position... pumping me until he came, and then he simply dressed up said his goodbye.

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