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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boring weekend in Caracas?

16 October 2010, Manila. I cannot but help remember my life in Caracas. Although the first year was relatively boring, my last year was definitely, unquestionably, undeniably active in sex. Today and the coming weekend, I am booked with my family just the same as the two weekends since I arrived. But I hope and plan to resume the fun before I would be physically old to continue with an active sex life. I am very thankful that despite the personal problems I have - this private part of my life is relatively ok or good than other people.

Although, in terms of networking sites, I seem to get more hits or referral from friendster. In terms of bookings or getting mobile numbers, its Planetromeo (formerly G4M, or Guys 4 Men) that has more membership. I used to get my contacts from Manhunt which contains my updated pictures, the popularity of a site seems so relative to a certain location.

Three Saturdays ago, or Sept 25, I was still in Caracas, quiet and all since I just have my things moved out. I met again with Nelson, someone I met in a 02 Sept party. We sort of established an eye contact and exchange numbers, but did not get the chance to meet again - part of the problem of scheduling and it was usually raining in the afternoon in Caracas, making people just simply stay home or stay in their offices.

I remember saying yes to Ricar238 for a quick fuck that after lunch. Carlos36 was already in my pad and it would be a threesome. Sex or Lust is almost like Love in that aspect, so hard to plan, I just simply go with the flow.

I did have sex with Ricar238, it was a repeat sex, no excitement as to how he would be in bed. It was a bit harder I guess with no visual stimuli in the room - I no longer have any TV nor dvd, but at least I was able to make his dick hard and straight. Soon enough he was fucking my ass, it was at this point that Carlos36 went inside the room and got naked. So as Roicar238 was fucking me, he was sucking Carlos36. My ass was happy from the onslaught of Ricar238 since he is without question endowed, but as much as he fuck me, I know he wants a cock inside him also. Anyway, he was not who I was waiting for.

My celphone rang and true enough, Nelson was in the vicinity. I excused myself and dressed up - leaving the sex to Ricar238 and carlos36 to finish each other. Nelson seems a little bit conservative and I was a bit hesitant to invite him up and immediately join the ongoing sex, besides, knowing Ricar238, once he cums, he would just dress up and go. Carlos36 takes time cumming and would most likely would not cum in their session, he usually cum jacking off while someone eat his nipple. It would be a bit too fast, if we decide to join in, for soon, their would be ending, besides, what if Nelson is conservative? I did not even tell him that I have company.

I went down the building. I was surprised to see him with two friends. Hmmmm.. a surprise orgy? So I would not just have a possible threesome, foursome.. but a full blast orgy... NICE!!! This would be my last saturday and it would be definitely nice, I was already imagining myself on my knees surrounded by all these latinos! Then I saw him wave, and his other friends left. Oh my, so much for that fantasy.

I brought him up the floor, offered some drinks, he took water and we just stayed there in the kitchen. I was afraid to bring him inside the room where I know Ricar238 and Carlos36 are most likely fucking each other.

Nelson and I kissed, he was so caring that he was feeling my whole body first. Thus, he was seated on a dining chair and I went down on him. He was not exactly as big in terms of the sizes as the other two but it was definitely hard, and it is this hardness that he sustained the whole afternoon! Thus, later on, I was able to take pictures of him .. and until Carlos36 joined us..

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