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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Friday Fuck....

Caracas still holds a lot of surprises. I am still single, loveless, my family is fighting in court, my office full of intrigues (a shouting match becomes a given) - and then there is Ric38. His profile does not tell much, just a cock pic and two pictures of him in his underwear... he said he likes a threesome and thus I sort of scheduled him to come around 745, the time that Carlos36 would be coming back. At 6 pm, someone promised to come .... who never did, so I as a bit confused.. till it was settled, Ric38 came earlier because he has a dinner. Oh well, at least I still got a fresh friday fuck!!!

I still remember one comment, that a reader cannot take all of my experiences in his consciousness, and reminded me that there is heaven and hell. Well, if my love life, family, and office life appears like hell... a few moments in bed with Ric38 gave me a feel of heaven. I do not ask for much ...

I was smiling when I received a text, he said his name is Ric38. The surprise came when I saw him - he is a six footer guy!! I stand at around 5-8 or so, thus not so many are taller than me. It is for this reason that I take the risk in meeting these guys, worst case scenario - I can defend myself against them. But then, no need, his height, and his body,I am already taken... my knees were weak!

I love it when they read my blog, no more surprises when I take my camera and somehow my nipples get more attention. I gave him my blog address, although I am not sure of how he would react - he liked it and it made him more horny. Wow.. I expected him to be big, bigger than average but I did not expect it to be one of the top 10 or 5 biggest Latino dicks!!! Latin surprises are not yet done! And so I took pictures...

Then, I took a condom and placed it on his cock. I was quiet. He is in his late 30s, the way he was touching my body made me feel for him. He has passion, and yet his lust would not drive him wild or lose control. I sense he is a disciplined person, someone I can trust. For this, I lay on my back, legs in the air, my but on a pillow and opened myself to him. My left hand holding off on his lef, the other on his body - true enough, he was gentle, he know his size, he knows that he is gifted in size, and took his time to enter my ass. I was holding my breath, enjoying every inch that enters my body. He let me get accustomed to his size, I was muffling my scream, holding on, relaxing my ass. I was surprised, I was able to take him in.. and then he started to roll, rocking in and out, giving me a wonderful fuck, and I saw my pre cum dripping from my own cock... I guess the tightness and intensity of it, did not make him last that long ... he came, and I was glad and sad it was over.. glad for it was really stretching my ass, but more sad for I felt so full of his manhood, his guevo really filled me up!

Postcript... we were careful when he withdraw his soft cock, it is embarassing that there was some mess, but I sort of expected that - such long and big cocks reach to the deepest recesses of my ass, that such accidents do happen. Somehow, he sort of expects that too - he is fully aware of his gift, as they say here, el es buen dotado.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Energizer latino....

The carnival ends today, and so thus end the long weekend. I thought I would simply rest the last day, finishing the trilogy owl mage series of Mercedes Lackey - and along comes David. I lie with him and could only smile that I could not believe it that he was there beside me. When he first sent me a message that he wants to meet me, I have doubts, well, for one - he is handsome, and his eyes alone makes me weak in the knees. He said he would come today, I was hoping but also bracing myself for possible disappointment. He said he would come around 4 pm... duhhh, no word. I did not rush going back. Around 5 pm, I get a text message from him saying there is too much traffic and that he would come around 6 or 30 minutes before six. I hoped but around 615, there was still no word. I texted back, I think we should postpone the meeting since it so much past the appointed hour. He called back, and in English he said he is already in Caracas. Ho hummm.. I fell asleep. It was around 710 that he texted me, waking me up from slumber.. duhhhh... should I hope again? I took my time, at least, if it was hoax, nothing to it. But, he was there, that long deep set eyes of his, with his curly lashes. Yes, I know he is a chub, but his chest is bigger than his waist, and like I said - that latino face is more than enough for me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

El Moreno.. a brutal fuck...

Somehow, Carnival monday is not yet over. Marwin was sort of furious on his text, why should Jorge have come here for sex, excluding the owners? He said they should have just got a motel room somewhere and not go here... I just smiled and shrug my shoulders, I just consider it part of the ups and down. Bad sex, good sex. There is karma, even in our sex life... and not a day has passed... I got a text from El Moreno.

How shall I describe him? He is a bit taller and definitely bigger, definitely chubbier in terms of his big black belly. He is not that endowed like the previous cocks I had so far this week, I was able to take his dick inside my mouth... up to his balls! And yet, I enjoyed the sex - for his cock was truly hard.

He is big, but not as big as the other latinos - I was able to take his cock fully in my mouth! Oh yes .. you see, with other latino cocks, hard to really take it all. Still, I have to be cautious so I was on top of him, and yet, he was forceful in fucking me, that is where I enjoyed most of having sex with him. We need not change any position, he came moving his cock up and down on my ass, I was simply trying to sit still, taking it all, enjoying each moment.

My room is not a motel room!!!

Its now 9 pm, Monday, 23 February 2009. After the weekend of sex, I thought I was lucky to have a possible foursome today, this monday, and yet it was a dud! Marwin texted me if the morning party was good, I said no... I had a good morning fuck from Carlo36 who stayed overnight. I was so satiated from Wixon yesterday that I ended giving him a suck last night and my consolation prize, a massage till he fell asleep. I am not a professional masseur, but my hands are good enough with the help of lavander lotion to make them fall asleep. Around 10 am, Jorge came with his friend, and I was surprised to see that he has a cane when I opened the building door.. oh my good ... a blind guy? Well, his name is Manuel and he is visually challenged but he can see just not that good, or the cane is just props, I do not know.

So there are us, Carlo36, Jorge (a tall white guy), and Manuel (average height, good muscled black body) - and Jorge whispered that he Manuel is straight and would only do him. What the fuck? Screw them ... Carlo36 would have to leave for work by lunch, so if Jorge and Manuel are here to have sex, excluding us, then it means, I would only have Carlo36. Should I wait for the two? No.. we are all the in same bed, an european porn is playing and I simply started sucking Carlo36. Oh yes, I am shameless, and Carlo36 was just open minded. So imagine this - seated at the bottom of the bed are Jorge and Manuel trying to watch porn, and on their back, carlo36 and I were having sex, oblivious to them. :)

Apparently, they could not take it and are sort of shy, Jorge and Manuel left the bedroom, they went to the sala... and they had sex there. Actually, I thought they were doing it in the bathroom. So when carlo36 and I were finished, I just went to the kitchen, and surprised to see Manuel seated receiving a blowjob from Jorge, that is a sight, a white 6 foot guy giving a blowjob to a 5-6 foot black guy. No, I did not watch them, I went out to have some food, so I fixed myself something to eat.

Jorge asked that they want to use my room to have some sex. I said ok, but they have to wait, since Carlo36 is taking a bath and he would definitely dress up in the bedroom ... it would not be nice if they start and he would come in to dress up. So they continued making out on the sofa, but when carlo36 have dressed up - they said they would leave .. oh ok.. no problem...

PS.. Jorge texted me later that he is interested in Carlo36 and would like to know my friend. I guess I am not the only one SIN VERGUENZA around here .. but he ... oh well, think of good karma points...

Never on a sunday ?

My apologies that I have posted only partial stories, and no pics. Well, its carnival time here in Caracas, Venezuela - meaning its a long weekend! When I mean long... I really mean loooooonngggg!!! There is an old song.. that goes you can kiss me on a monday, on a tuesday.. and so on.. but never on a sunday, because that is my day of rest! I guess I have rested well enough in 2008. In the year of the ox, we are suppose to work our butts off to survive, I just did not have an idea that I would also be literally working my ass! So,patience, till I post the pics of my firt saturday orgy.. this time, I was behind the camera .. and it is hot.

Its now monday, did I get to rest yesterday? Sort of - I have been sleeping with him, Wixon, for some time. He is one of the few, that I picked up from the streets, actually from the corner of Ave principal bello campo y avenida francisco miranda. I know, I know, I have always been warned how dangerous it is - but when I first saw him last year, September or October, I was instantaneously enamored. Wixon works as a waiter, on a graveyard shift! I felt it was like coming to a full circle, I used to date, rather, I used to live in with a waiter before ... oh well, that is another story. So, I did keep on seeing him, although it meant having to wake up around 4am in the morning and waiting again on the same corner! He would sleep then on my bed until lunch.. but of course, after some sex, and another round before he leaves!

This time, I have the feeling that it might be the last. He wanted a relationship, he wants to move in .... ooops, for a reason he did not specify, which even if he did, I would not understand his spanish, he has to move out of his apartment and he is eyeing to live in with me! Duhhhh.... I have taken a picture of us together last year, and it was staring at it that I come to realize - he looked like Rico, my lover for six years!!! One person reminding me of two ex lovers. He is the one I alloted my sunday morning .. till the afternoon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sin verguenza...

Saturday, 21 Saturday 2009. Yes, I think I am definitely back on my feet. Now, I had set up my first orgy here in Caracas. Yes, I had threesomes and more before - but the men were sourced by friends, I simply provided the place. This is my first orgy that I contacted the men myself, I am the one who organized them. Now, I feel more confident and assured that I can arrange the setup and that the sex is still good, no, better than before! I am still a good sex organizer, or should I say anfitrion (host).

Pardon the fix shows three guys, I am the host and the photographer this time. Besides, I had the honor of having met Atreyu earlier this morning. I met Atreyu on the net last night, and he find my face sweet - and for that, he distrust me, he thought I was just tricking him, that I was not true. Oh well. We had fun the whole morning, and now he described me as sin verguenza, without shame, que? I replied back, si, soy sin verguenza, soy orgulloso. I am proud of my sexual nature, that I suck good and I get good cocks!

Wicked Wednesday....

18 February 2009. El gordo had fucked me, and then Carlo36 was there in the morning. It was a wicked wednesday. So wicked for that day, I got fucked thrice, three different men, three times I enjoyed it in one day!

(Update) I guess my luck is turning out nicely. I did not expect that day would reflect what was to coming.. as in more men came and there was a lot of cum. I thought I would have the luxury of writing the post and uploading the pics, now I say I have lagged more than a week! That day was wicked. I do not want to let of Carlo36 without having some sex so I attacked his tool that morning, it was easy to make it hard. What was difficult was making him cum. I had to suck his cock and balls, then lick his inner thigh as well, he fucked me relentlessly ... of which he then finally came!

The second guy.. he is the focus of this post. I know he is black, I was just not prepared that he would be that dark, that black! In my mind, he is too much of a Negro, but then (not exactly a first time - I think I did it with someone just as black in the halloween of 2008, forgive me.. that one is unforgettable but another post). Let us call him Peripe, forgot the name he gave me, since I do not exactly trust the names given to me. Besides, he was just after a fuck, and so am I, I doubt if he would come back...

What makes Peripe so unforgettable is not just his blackness or his long cock, it was expected since he is black. However, what was unforgettable is the stiffness of his dick! It was really hard, I can compare his dick with a stick. It was a relish to suck such hardness, and him so young and so temptous, I had to be on top, I have to be the one to control the initial fuck. I would not die of impalement. Try as I can, I could not suck his cock totally, the pics attached only shows how much I was able to take in. Sad to say, it was the same with my ass - his manhood was hard and reaching me so deeply. After the initial fuck, we tried it doggie style, me on my belly, but I was angling my ass so as not to take his dick fully - he was already making me feel a bit quesy, reaching into previously unreached places! He came inside the condom and I was simply speechless, catching my breath. He left. as if nothing happened, but with a smile from ear to ear.

The third fuck... we had dinner at Ichiban, since I was totally hungry after that fuck with Peripe. I was not looking forward to anything, but Leafar wanted me to kiss his cock.. I met him at the sunday orgy.. not bad for a crooked, or curved cock. From a kiss, to a suck, to a fuck. Nothing new.. still good, but after Peripe, it was more like an afterthought....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Otra Vez, Once more

Jitsu said he would try to come back last Sunday, well he did not come back but I had the orgy, so I was good. Monday was a rest day, so much so that I did not even go to work. Then tuesday, 17 February 2009, our crazy one was there and I was in no mood to talk to her. I escaped - true enough, I had stomach trouble and after one go I texted back the office that I would not be coming back in the afternoon. But Jitsu came back that afternoon, and its a good thing I was home - we spent a longer time in bed. He reads my blog so before I could even ask him to take pics, he was the one who suggested it.

It was a delight to hug and kiss him. He is a very ardent lover, passionate. His face has that boyish charm, and when he smiles - there is that sweet innocence like a boy doing something naughty. The first part, was fondling and touching each other standing up. Then I was on my back, and he gave me a treat with his tounge, his eyes full of lust, he wanted me, and that feeling, that sensation added to my fire. His lips, his tounge worked on my neck, to my chest, tantalizing my groin, and yet teasing as he avoided my dick, I was breathing heavily, moaning with ecstasy. I can feel his hot wet tounge on my balls, on the side... but ignoring my cock, teasing me, then he suck me, engulfing my hard stick in his mouth - I almost screamed from the suddenness and the sensation of it. My ass was yearning for my attention, and my leg up in the air.

That is when I have to stop, took a condom, place it on his dick, and then lube it up. He was on his back - like I said, I was hard but I slowly lose it. His cock was so fat and hard, my mind was on my ass, my body was focused on enjoying him inside me, the pleasure was riding his manhood. He allowed me to simply sit on him, and slowly to move up and down, to rock forward and backward.

He is a good, one of the best - and if I would be on an orgy with him, there should be another bottom, he is more than enough for me. I am a bit shamed to admit it, but I even had to ask for a reprieve, a little time off from the fucking - the pictures show how agile and innovative he is in the positions we tried. He was fucking me not only for his pleasure, but searching for the best possible angle to drive his dick further down my ass. There are some positions we did not capture on the camera, but there is another day .... I love the guy, I love him on top of me, I love him fucking my mouth and my ass.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Invited to an orgy ...

It was Sunday, 15 Feb 2009, Marwin texted me if I would be interested to go back to his house. I have nothing better to do, besides, I did enjoy the threesome I did with him and his partner, but this times, he had invited two other people! I smiled. I guess I would be laid again... it reminds me of the times I set up orgies back home, those were the days. Inviting people is not easy, I usually invite only one new acquaintance and the others are old friends with benefits. I am not sure if Marwin now the other two or they are new acquaintances. I left my house with my own condom and lubricant, and a camera, just in case I get to take a picture.

There were so many people on the streets, it was their referendum - people are to vote if they are to change their constitution to allow their president of more than 10 yrs, whose term is suppose to end in 2012, indefinite re election. Now, they have laws against urinating in public, so men are careful in doing that, usually, the men would stand near a car or open their car door and pee there - not on a building corner or tree corner. I got to Marwin├žs building, and so when I turn - saw this guy really peeing, as in his cock was very clear to my eyesight. What an appetizer. I am so glad I am working here in Caracas.

Marwin introduced me to two new guys, Leafar and Julian. They are both black, but Rafael is more brown, moreno. Julian is another bottom. They were watching the news about the referendum. Oh hum... how do they start this one? Marwin asked me to touch Leafar s groin, he said it is not hard yet, that if I want it hard, I have to "chupar" (to suck) it. That is an invitation I immediately took, and he was just glad I opened his pants. I started sucking it, it was soft... getting hard.. and it was... CROOKED!!! I mean, it was crooked to his left, in a twisted angle.

Yes, that explains the pics attached. I do not have pictures of the orgy but when everyone was set to live, he asked me if I can give a good bye kiss to his cock before we depart. I sat down on the bed, pulled down his pants and gave a kiss on his cock, and slurped it up! Oh I love sucking cock, not to mention such a crooked angled cock that gives a different sensation to my mouth, it gives me a rush to have something so flaccid, so soft would become so hard with my tongue and lips.

He asked Marwin, Hector, and Julian to go down ahead. I continued sucking him, and then it was too much. He pulled me up, and I got the message. I put my pants, my underwear down and turned. I offered my ass, the condom and the lubricant in my pocket was placed into use again. There was no kissing, no caressing, it was simply brutal sex. He fucked me hard, that I hold on to matress, moaning, enjoying each thrust he made in my ass. It was only one position, but it was so good and unique, his cock felt so different, so fulfilling, I was hard myself and jacking myself off with each slap of his body against my ass. He did not last long, and he pulled out, releasing himself on my ass. I felt his warm cum on my behind. We catch our breath and then a second round of showering for me.

The orgy? Well, like I said before, three is usually the magic number. Since there was five of us - Julian sucked hector and hector fucked him. For a while it was simply me, marwin, and leafar. Leafar tried to fuck Hector, who was fucking Julian - I was sucking Marwin then. I guess the hot sight and my sucking made Marwin cum ahead of us all. Leafar fucked me on my back while Julian was beside me, in the same position, back on the bed, legs in the air with Hector over him.... now this is a great post valentine activity.. no love, just sex

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fat guy = Gordo ... YES! Si!

13 Feb 2009. The net hosts a lot of sites that helped me meet people. What may work best in one country would not be so great in another country. One has to learn to post a profile and a good picture. I have advertise which really allows me to meet a lot of people, sad to say, its not that popular here in Latin America. Now, why am I suddenly talking about profiles and all? Well, profiles I have read are outright direct - No viejos, no gorditos, No maduros (no old people, no fat onces, no matures). Do I begrudge them, NO, its everyone`s prerogative to be specific in what they are looking, decreases the time wasted. And my last post, I thought I had a catch - he was cute, he has a nice body, but good enough for a date, cuddling, and so disappointing in bed. In the Philippines, he would be termed "Laila Dee", meaning someone who just lies there and makes the partner do all the work.

I do not apologize, I am a cock person! Meaning, I look at the cock, a man`s dick and not exactly at his face or body type. So I agreed to meet Jitsu, who found me on the net and sent a message on my MSN live messenger. I am still no expert at MSN, still learning the ropes but here, its MSN messenger and hotmail that is popular, around 99% of the Venezuelans I guess use it. I like him because he was honest and sincere, he said he is around 5-7, and 100 kls, or 220 lbs, but evenly distributed. Then he shared his photos, no face pic, but he showed his manhood, it was hard, and promising. At first, he seemed afraid that I only go for slim guys because he read my posting Soy flaco - so I posted the pics of JD, he felt more secure. Twice we failed to meet after work since he was not able to return to Caracas, which I did not mind - why, I was fucking with someone else. But yesterday, friday, 13 February - we did finally meet and finally had sex!!!

He would be termed Chubby by Filipinos and Gordo or Gordito here in Caracas, but somehow his bulk is not a turn off. He is definitely handsome, charming, even with his excess weight - thus the normal request to protect his face. He felt good to hug, and he was definitely a turn around from the last sex. Jitsu, was all smiles, and he was black! I was surprised for I thought that by the pictures he sent, he would be white, it then appears it was due to the fluorescent lighting of the bathroom. I offered him drinks, and he was so glad that I have Coke Light - he said there seems to be another shortage of the drink again. Oh well, shortages here in Caracas is so usual - be it rice, milk, and even toilet paper! He was still a bit apologetic that he is a big person, I said, no, your body is just right. I hugged him from the back, and yes I was still able to embrace him fully. And I kissed the back of his neck, he immediately arced back, enjoying my kisses, and so I extended my tounge. No pretenses, our eyes met and we went to the bedroom. This one, this time, it is going to be hot, there is magic, there is some connection, he is excited and so am I.

He was delicious! Muy sabroso. He disrobed, and I attacked his nipple, from left to right, right to left, while fondling his cock - which was hard even before I nibbled his chest. There is nothing like an excited manhood. His hands were also all over my body. He helped me take my shirt off (good thing, it was not easy to take off a fitted long sleeved shirt! never would i wear such on a date although i look good in it). He knows my weakness, perhaps reading my blog. His eyes betray his desire, it was definitely passion, raw lust that I felt. I melted and lead him on the bed. I sat and started sucking. Oh it was so much. I had to pause, he knows my blog, he allowed me to take pictures, so I did. I know he would be a good partner, more than enough just for me, I texted Rasco if he is available, it would be a nice threesom, I want to share him. Then I went on top of him. I straddled him. He would reached for my nipples, licking them with his tongue, setting me off more than ever.

I could not get enough of that nor did he. He asked for condoms, and I stood up - took one from the jar, it was a tight fit, but Rasco already taught me how to stretch it over a big cock, you dont just roll it, you have to use your fingers to stretch if over the whole dick. Oh wow. I lavished some KY jelly, I definitely needed that. For such big and hard penises, I usually sit on them first, to protect myself. By being on top, I would have control over how soon he inserts his cock in my ass, I can do it slowly to adjust, and if it is that painful, I could just stand away and try again! To have someone like him immediately on top, would be a big mistake - imagine a brute, a masculine force determined to fuck you, to put their thing inside you, you would have no choice but to take it, and at most scream! No, that is not the way to traumatize when one can slowly adjust to such hard big dicks. And Jitsu knows it, I could see the strain in his face, and yet, he was eager, happy, his eyes crazy with lust.

"There! Now you can take it more"

I smiled, I have sit upon his cock, not moving, adjusting to his rock hard manhood.

I then slowly lifted myself, moving up, rocking front and back. Giving him access to my chest, kissing him on his lips. That was the start, then we moved on to various positions. Until the time he wanted to come, he was half sitted, I sat on his cock again, but my back to him, and then rocking back and forth, lifting ass. It started him to moan, and I felt him thrice pulsed. Oh yes, this is definitely one for my blog.

We spent some time to rest, watching the spanish porn and then he got hard again. I was a bit tired, my ass already a bit sore, so I though I could get him wrong just by sucking him for his second coming. Ohhh, I was wrong - his big hard cock made me want him inside him again. He stand and took his own condom, a banana flavored one, he asked if I want to taste it.. No - i want you inside, fuck me! And it was several rounds of fucking again. My ass became sore, but I was smiling from all his fucking. Oh yes, after a dud sex with a sex stud, there is nothing so hot than active horny fucker like him, with all that 200 lbs continuously pounding my ass.

Postscript... On his way out, Carlos36 was at the door. I almost forget that he wanted another night. Carlos did stay the night, but the most I did was simply kiss him, and I was so satiated, so satisfied that we did not have any sex. I was too pooped out - but I gave him a massage and he fell asleep. Poor guy, I wonder if he would come back again. As for Jitsu, he promised to come back, repeateadly saying how awesome and hot it was for him, he flatters me, but it does not matter, the sex was simply amazing!