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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

El Moreno.. a brutal fuck...

Somehow, Carnival monday is not yet over. Marwin was sort of furious on his text, why should Jorge have come here for sex, excluding the owners? He said they should have just got a motel room somewhere and not go here... I just smiled and shrug my shoulders, I just consider it part of the ups and down. Bad sex, good sex. There is karma, even in our sex life... and not a day has passed... I got a text from El Moreno.

How shall I describe him? He is a bit taller and definitely bigger, definitely chubbier in terms of his big black belly. He is not that endowed like the previous cocks I had so far this week, I was able to take his dick inside my mouth... up to his balls! And yet, I enjoyed the sex - for his cock was truly hard.

He is big, but not as big as the other latinos - I was able to take his cock fully in my mouth! Oh yes .. you see, with other latino cocks, hard to really take it all. Still, I have to be cautious so I was on top of him, and yet, he was forceful in fucking me, that is where I enjoyed most of having sex with him. We need not change any position, he came moving his cock up and down on my ass, I was simply trying to sit still, taking it all, enjoying each moment.

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