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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sin verguenza...

Saturday, 21 Saturday 2009. Yes, I think I am definitely back on my feet. Now, I had set up my first orgy here in Caracas. Yes, I had threesomes and more before - but the men were sourced by friends, I simply provided the place. This is my first orgy that I contacted the men myself, I am the one who organized them. Now, I feel more confident and assured that I can arrange the setup and that the sex is still good, no, better than before! I am still a good sex organizer, or should I say anfitrion (host).

Pardon the fix shows three guys, I am the host and the photographer this time. Besides, I had the honor of having met Atreyu earlier this morning. I met Atreyu on the net last night, and he find my face sweet - and for that, he distrust me, he thought I was just tricking him, that I was not true. Oh well. We had fun the whole morning, and now he described me as sin verguenza, without shame, que? I replied back, si, soy sin verguenza, soy orgulloso. I am proud of my sexual nature, that I suck good and I get good cocks!


  1. all i can say is that... if theres a heaven theres a hell ^.^ ur blog is really too much for my conciousness

  2. Yes, I know that there is heaven and there is hell. There is also the law of karma. There are blessings and there are curses. One has to keep counting one`s blessing and to forget the curses.

    I have said my reasons for starting out to blog ... nowadays, blogging my sex life is a way to extend the escapist sex that I am in a way blessed. This blog is only one facet of my life, of my personality.

    If I write about how back stabbing and politicking people are in my office, trying to manipulate each other - that I end up escaping work or reporting late and excusing myself with sick leave or head aches, would you care to read that? Its part of life, so given, we see it in the movies and in the television.

    If I write about my family being a dysfunctional one, my father having a mistress and a second family, that he is a wife beater, that my mom at the age of 67 finally realized with her bruises that she can no longer maintain a facade of a family.. would that be interesting to read? It would be so much of a drama queen, and I would rather be a sex addict than a drama queen. Actually, I have such a blog - and the readership is even less than 1% of the readership in this blog.

    Yes, my sex life is interesting but it is not exactly like heaven - it is simply sex. There is no love, there is no emotional attachment. The guys continued their sex, and I left them, to continue my pocket book reading. Now, this man to man sex life, is not exactly common to read in the newspapers or television... so this one, I share.

    Oh my god.. I have become philosophical again.. oh well.. such musings are suppose to be in another blog.. sorry...

  3. Mr.... I am waiting for the orgy photos... thanks... pics, pics, pics,