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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Never on a sunday ?

My apologies that I have posted only partial stories, and no pics. Well, its carnival time here in Caracas, Venezuela - meaning its a long weekend! When I mean long... I really mean loooooonngggg!!! There is an old song.. that goes you can kiss me on a monday, on a tuesday.. and so on.. but never on a sunday, because that is my day of rest! I guess I have rested well enough in 2008. In the year of the ox, we are suppose to work our butts off to survive, I just did not have an idea that I would also be literally working my ass! So,patience, till I post the pics of my firt saturday orgy.. this time, I was behind the camera .. and it is hot.

Its now monday, did I get to rest yesterday? Sort of - I have been sleeping with him, Wixon, for some time. He is one of the few, that I picked up from the streets, actually from the corner of Ave principal bello campo y avenida francisco miranda. I know, I know, I have always been warned how dangerous it is - but when I first saw him last year, September or October, I was instantaneously enamored. Wixon works as a waiter, on a graveyard shift! I felt it was like coming to a full circle, I used to date, rather, I used to live in with a waiter before ... oh well, that is another story. So, I did keep on seeing him, although it meant having to wake up around 4am in the morning and waiting again on the same corner! He would sleep then on my bed until lunch.. but of course, after some sex, and another round before he leaves!

This time, I have the feeling that it might be the last. He wanted a relationship, he wants to move in .... ooops, for a reason he did not specify, which even if he did, I would not understand his spanish, he has to move out of his apartment and he is eyeing to live in with me! Duhhhh.... I have taken a picture of us together last year, and it was staring at it that I come to realize - he looked like Rico, my lover for six years!!! One person reminding me of two ex lovers. He is the one I alloted my sunday morning .. till the afternoon.

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