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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

soy discreto y serio

10 feb 2009. Translation, I am discrete and serious. So I texted back, igual, meaning the same. Then - he replied, Ok, despues soy frente de tu edificio. What the fuck? Was that a trick question? I have my blog, its an alternative lifestyle, a remembrance of a life many find unbelievable. There was a drizzle, a light shower - create an excuse or go on with the sex eyeball? Well, if he is such an asshole so secretive and so cautious, then I am safe with him - it is cold and a good fuck would be nice. I saw his pics, he seems hot, slim body, and a cock to suck with.

Espera por favor, soy en la camino. (Wait for me, am on the road).

I arrive in front of my building and looked for him. There was someone standing but he has several plastic bags of groceries, he looked hot but I am not sure it was him. I texted that I am there, and then I saw this guy around 5-7, 140 lbs i guess, beige short sleeve cowboy looking shirt, and denims. He seems to be in his mid 40s, but then I might be wrong, hard to estimate their age. He said he is only 39, and I am 42! He said, I am well preserved...

We went up to my floor, inside my pad. There was no place for him to seat, I had a sofa where my fat cat sleeps and rest. So, it was easy to guide him quickly to my bedroom.

He is leaner than me, it was so good to have him on top me, to feel his body. He was grappling my body too, fondling my skin. We were both wearing our undershirts and briefs. He took my shirt off and sucked my tits, I was moaning, delirious with the sensation. My nipples are my weakness. My legs grappled his body, opening my ass. I got more excited and we change positions. I scooped his cock out, it was fat, a bit soft, precisely the problem with fatter cocks, hard to fill up with blood, that it could not reach that hardness of leaner dicks. I tried sucking it as much as I can, but my mouth could only reach halfway down his manhood. Oh well, it will be a tight fit in my ass.

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