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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fat guy = Gordo ... YES! Si!

13 Feb 2009. The net hosts a lot of sites that helped me meet people. What may work best in one country would not be so great in another country. One has to learn to post a profile and a good picture. I have advertise which really allows me to meet a lot of people, sad to say, its not that popular here in Latin America. Now, why am I suddenly talking about profiles and all? Well, profiles I have read are outright direct - No viejos, no gorditos, No maduros (no old people, no fat onces, no matures). Do I begrudge them, NO, its everyone`s prerogative to be specific in what they are looking, decreases the time wasted. And my last post, I thought I had a catch - he was cute, he has a nice body, but good enough for a date, cuddling, and so disappointing in bed. In the Philippines, he would be termed "Laila Dee", meaning someone who just lies there and makes the partner do all the work.

I do not apologize, I am a cock person! Meaning, I look at the cock, a man`s dick and not exactly at his face or body type. So I agreed to meet Jitsu, who found me on the net and sent a message on my MSN live messenger. I am still no expert at MSN, still learning the ropes but here, its MSN messenger and hotmail that is popular, around 99% of the Venezuelans I guess use it. I like him because he was honest and sincere, he said he is around 5-7, and 100 kls, or 220 lbs, but evenly distributed. Then he shared his photos, no face pic, but he showed his manhood, it was hard, and promising. At first, he seemed afraid that I only go for slim guys because he read my posting Soy flaco - so I posted the pics of JD, he felt more secure. Twice we failed to meet after work since he was not able to return to Caracas, which I did not mind - why, I was fucking with someone else. But yesterday, friday, 13 February - we did finally meet and finally had sex!!!

He would be termed Chubby by Filipinos and Gordo or Gordito here in Caracas, but somehow his bulk is not a turn off. He is definitely handsome, charming, even with his excess weight - thus the normal request to protect his face. He felt good to hug, and he was definitely a turn around from the last sex. Jitsu, was all smiles, and he was black! I was surprised for I thought that by the pictures he sent, he would be white, it then appears it was due to the fluorescent lighting of the bathroom. I offered him drinks, and he was so glad that I have Coke Light - he said there seems to be another shortage of the drink again. Oh well, shortages here in Caracas is so usual - be it rice, milk, and even toilet paper! He was still a bit apologetic that he is a big person, I said, no, your body is just right. I hugged him from the back, and yes I was still able to embrace him fully. And I kissed the back of his neck, he immediately arced back, enjoying my kisses, and so I extended my tounge. No pretenses, our eyes met and we went to the bedroom. This one, this time, it is going to be hot, there is magic, there is some connection, he is excited and so am I.

He was delicious! Muy sabroso. He disrobed, and I attacked his nipple, from left to right, right to left, while fondling his cock - which was hard even before I nibbled his chest. There is nothing like an excited manhood. His hands were also all over my body. He helped me take my shirt off (good thing, it was not easy to take off a fitted long sleeved shirt! never would i wear such on a date although i look good in it). He knows my weakness, perhaps reading my blog. His eyes betray his desire, it was definitely passion, raw lust that I felt. I melted and lead him on the bed. I sat and started sucking. Oh it was so much. I had to pause, he knows my blog, he allowed me to take pictures, so I did. I know he would be a good partner, more than enough just for me, I texted Rasco if he is available, it would be a nice threesom, I want to share him. Then I went on top of him. I straddled him. He would reached for my nipples, licking them with his tongue, setting me off more than ever.

I could not get enough of that nor did he. He asked for condoms, and I stood up - took one from the jar, it was a tight fit, but Rasco already taught me how to stretch it over a big cock, you dont just roll it, you have to use your fingers to stretch if over the whole dick. Oh wow. I lavished some KY jelly, I definitely needed that. For such big and hard penises, I usually sit on them first, to protect myself. By being on top, I would have control over how soon he inserts his cock in my ass, I can do it slowly to adjust, and if it is that painful, I could just stand away and try again! To have someone like him immediately on top, would be a big mistake - imagine a brute, a masculine force determined to fuck you, to put their thing inside you, you would have no choice but to take it, and at most scream! No, that is not the way to traumatize when one can slowly adjust to such hard big dicks. And Jitsu knows it, I could see the strain in his face, and yet, he was eager, happy, his eyes crazy with lust.

"There! Now you can take it more"

I smiled, I have sit upon his cock, not moving, adjusting to his rock hard manhood.

I then slowly lifted myself, moving up, rocking front and back. Giving him access to my chest, kissing him on his lips. That was the start, then we moved on to various positions. Until the time he wanted to come, he was half sitted, I sat on his cock again, but my back to him, and then rocking back and forth, lifting ass. It started him to moan, and I felt him thrice pulsed. Oh yes, this is definitely one for my blog.

We spent some time to rest, watching the spanish porn and then he got hard again. I was a bit tired, my ass already a bit sore, so I though I could get him wrong just by sucking him for his second coming. Ohhh, I was wrong - his big hard cock made me want him inside him again. He stand and took his own condom, a banana flavored one, he asked if I want to taste it.. No - i want you inside, fuck me! And it was several rounds of fucking again. My ass became sore, but I was smiling from all his fucking. Oh yes, after a dud sex with a sex stud, there is nothing so hot than active horny fucker like him, with all that 200 lbs continuously pounding my ass.

Postscript... On his way out, Carlos36 was at the door. I almost forget that he wanted another night. Carlos did stay the night, but the most I did was simply kiss him, and I was so satiated, so satisfied that we did not have any sex. I was too pooped out - but I gave him a massage and he fell asleep. Poor guy, I wonder if he would come back again. As for Jitsu, he promised to come back, repeateadly saying how awesome and hot it was for him, he flatters me, but it does not matter, the sex was simply amazing!


  1. Thank you, sa blogs mo.... tinitigasan talaga ako kahit nagbabasa lang at tumitingin sa mga pics niyo...

    Bert, ang ganda ng mga pics mo na iniupload kahapon... kakaiba siya sa usual na pics mo... Maganda kasi nagkakaroon ang mga reader s ng clearr view sa mga sex positions niyo...

    Salamat friend...

  2. Dear Bert,

    Although he was definitely chubby, el gordo didn't look 220lbs. to me, nor would I have thought that he was black. It's always exciting to see how you serve a nice cock with your sensuous mouth. I wish I could have seen that thick cock entering your other hole. It was fun to fantasize that I was seeing my own chubby body with you. Thanks for your blog.

  3. size dosent matter, preformance does. i enjoy your posts, thanks

  4. Sana next time may video na. heheh

  5. Thank you for your comments. Jitsu was willing to have a video taken but I do not know how to edit it and its one thing to time out and take some photos, and in this case, the big closet mirror was such a help. Its another to have your sex video taped. In the Philippines, a third person would be taking the pictures. Well, let us keep our fingers crossed.

    I guess he looks less than his weight, he said he was 100 kls, and people usually tell their weight a little less - but it does not matter, his cock and his fucking was so good, i am waiting for another bout with him.

  6. Epale ... No habia tenido tiempo de comentar las fotos. Muy buenas hermanos.... deberiamos dar mas y más para enrriquecer tu blog.... y bueno, pa los que quieran hablen con bert a ver si hacemos una paja grupal ... Jitsu

  7. Jitsu is really hot... ur very lucky! i wouldn't mind playing with Jitsu myself :) Thanks for sharing.