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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Soy Flaco ... I am thin...

29 January 2009. I have been so busy with work that I have had not time to update my blog. But please, do not think much - I still have sex, I cannot and will not let go of a week of not having sex. Funny, I am a year older and more sexperienced here in Caracas, Venezuela - I still have to see the city and meet more people, but then, I really would rather stay in my house, and have sex in bed with these Latinos. Yes, I have been flamed and it is a bit dangerous here and I am lucky enough that my fucking friends like to cum back for more! However, for the month of January 2009 - I had the pleasure of meeting two new guys. The last one, Francis, had an unusual request - he wants pictures! Who am I to let go of such an opportunity?

He was very timid, shy, and so discrete. He did not even give me his phone number and he was calling me on a private number. Duhhhh. Anyway, with his discreteness and all, I feel more relax - if he is that cautious and afraid of being find out, one should let the partner do all the worrying. Am I really out of the closet? Not really, in the professional realm, there is still that bias and notions on having a preference for the same sex. Oh my.. I should not dablle with sexual philosophies - I have another blog for that. Let me go back to Francis.

I remember having a massage appointment at 8 pm and I could only meet him around 7pm, that is if he would not mind a timed sex session, and yet he feels more assured about it. I gave him my address, emailed a pic of my building, and waited for him. Here in Caracas, buildings and houses normally do not have any numbers, they all have a name, so in searching for a particular building or house, you have to walk through the street to find it! So for convinience, I took a picture of my building and I usually just email them - so far no one has been lost.

"Soy Flaco". Francis was sort of apologetic, a bit shy, ashamed that he is thin, explaining himself over the phone. I replied "No importa", actually it made me more excited. Thin guys are usually gifted in the cock area, well, at least 90% of the time. I was waiting on the corner when I saw this thin man wearing a brown jacket, looking at me. His body is around 3/4 of mine! He seems fragile, one that I can squash hugging too tightly.


  1. Bert, Happy new year... happy talaga ang new year mo dyan sa laki ng mag natikman mo... ingit ako.....

    I was realy waiting for your blogs for a long time.....

    Galing mo dude.... please post more pics and more men.... dalhin mo sila dito hehehehe

    mwah.. keep in touch


  2. Thank you Rome!

    Theoretically, one should not be a size queen - but size do matter. And the problem with getting accustomed to bigger cocks, one does not enjoy the lesser sized dicks ... that is the payoff...

    Life has its ups and downs.. the pluses and the minuses. I felt bad that I did not have power, electrictiy for 4 days!! Because there was a busted fuse and we had to wait for an electrician to really fix it! Well, francis and my january sex life I guess sort of balances everything.

    I had sex 12 times in January. Thrice with Rosca, who would use at least three condoms and all - and the sex time would be at least 1.5Hrs. The others are previous fuck partners - and two new ones.

    Make do of who ever is there! Just enjoy life! and be safe!!!

  3. I really missed your blog. So nice to see you enjoying yourself again.

  4. Richard,

    One should not stop enjoying life, even just with oneself. I always jack off myself to sleep - and last year, I started collecting sex toys, meaning vibrators and dildos, that if ever there is an itch and no live scratcher around, I can freely scratch myself.

    Of course, there is what I call the last resort - money. I am thinking of trying the paid kind, even just for once here...

    Again, thanks for reading. It gives me a reason to go on blogging. Afterall, the sex goes on, blog or no blog.