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Thursday, February 12, 2009

bad sex? worst sex?

11 Feb 2009. We parted ways, it was definitely bad sex. Although I am debating if it is the worst sex ever, I guess I expected too much and my expectations were not met. See, am I lucky or not? I do not know, that remains to be seen. Well, definitely no photos were taken nor would there be any second chances with TJ.

I met TJ online a month ago, we chatted on messenger and exchange text messages. His profile then did not have any picture but he speak english and in my mind, he was another black guy. I was so surprised to received a message today saying he has a problem with the bank and if he could ask for a loan. What the fuck! What the nerve of this guy! I said yes and immediately log off. Then I received a text message - ooops, its TJ! I did not recognize his profile since he has pictures now. The pic was that of a young muscled guy, with washboard abs, cute, handsome... was it my lucky day? I do not know buy he is borrowing money - a bad sign. Oh well, I have some reserve cash, the one that I have set aside when I finally am on that need level and open to trying an escort here. I offered that amount, he said yes.

I waited for him on the side of the Licoreria, it was traffic, and then I saw him walk. Wow!!! He was physically attractive and the way he carry himself - no, he is not an escort, he is definitely educated. He said he is still studying, he must be either a professional student or a working student... i would rather bet that he is a rich kid, not knowing what to do with his life, thus ending up studying longer than usual, enjoying the support of his parents.

He talked to me in english. We went up my floor, he was talkative, showing his knowledge of the english language. Ooops, he is not in to me, he is not excited or horny at all. Being the cordial host, I offered drinks, he took some water and smoked. We talked.. or rather he talk... I listen ... oh my, this is going to be bad. Previous ones, we are in my bedroom already making out!

I offered to sit down, in the bedroom. Is it ok if I smoke? Sure yes... damn, I do not want to be that straight forward that I want him in bed - he would just bolt out. He is not horny, not excited, but I am excited with his body .... and we did end up in my bedroom, he saw the pornography, that is my cue - I placed it on and we watch. He was still talkative. I made my move, and started caressing him. I was excited kissing his hard body, it was smooth but not excited enough to get hard. He allowed me. Then he took off his shirt and opened his pants.... wow.. calvin klein underwear... first time for me to see that here, definitely a rich kid. So I guess he really was just being pursued by the bank for his credit card debts and his rich parents would not give additional allowance to pay it off..... oh well, I kissed and suck his nipple and then I stopped, just feeling him, enjoying the security of hsi hard body. He asked me, "are you tired?"

"No, just enjoying cuddling with you". I was simply enjoying the feel of his body. So nice, so hard, so comforting it. Then he hold my head, guiding it downward, where his soft, flaccid penis awaits. The cock that look so good in pictures were not that promising, and so I placed my magic lips, pursing, tighting, sucking it as much as I know how. It became hard, his eyes were focused on the porn playing - spanish uprising.

I continued sucking it, it was not that fat, but I was surprised that it was getting longer than I expected, I was gagging a bit. Wow!! I was getting excited, my nipples were getting hard and horny. He asked " Do you have a condom? "

I got one and placed it on his hard cock, oh yes, it was now full of promise. And I lied on my back, opened my legs, and welcomed him. His dick felt good inside, the hardness compensating for his lack of ardor. He was fucking me, his cock were making me moan and yet still feeling detached, that he was moving in and out, as brought by the fucking in the porn, that he gotten hard but he was not into me. I just tried to focus on his hard body slamming me, it felt good somehow. And yet, I still felt wanting, it was like drinking liquid and you are still thirsty, not exactly for more. And so he came, and he pulled out.. oohhhh... some dirt on the condom, no wonder it felt good, physically, it became longer with its hardness... and yet no hard on for me, no relese....

Bad sex? .... well, compared to the ones I have had for february, it was definitely so mechanical.... Would he pay me back for the loan? I do not expect so, but at least it was an experience... the best part was when I was just simply cuddled on his arms, on his biceps....

He was a talker, he continued and for his company, we still ended up for dinner. He was one definitely for friendship, plain and simple friendship, not even a friendship with benefits... i guess.. one cannot have it all...


  1. wow bert, thank you for writing again in your blog... i really missed all your exciting stories and ... pictures.... keep it up and take care... animo

  2. BERTaaaaaa....I love u and your blog.
    I miss your sex venture...It really easing up my tension while reading it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL...
    Keep going...

    Redrider whos wishing to ride you someday hehehe :)