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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Damn I do need a good bed!!

Rasco have already commented that my bed is noisy, and that the neighbors might complain or would at least know when there is sex in my room... I did not care about them, I do not know them nor do they know about me. I was more afraid of the bed to crash down the floor! And it finally did!!

05 February 2009, thursday evening, its my second time to fuck with jigs. We met last sept or early october last year, it was a saturday. As before, he is a hard fucker, the bed was creaking all...ok, ok... let me back track, since I failed to write our first encounter, let me talk about him. He speak a little english which I use as a gauge in meeting men. My reasoning is that if they know english, then they are a little bit more educated than the common venezolano, and if they are educated - they could not be that bad, right? Education requires money, so at least the risk of being robbed for money is a bit lower.

Jigs has a rounded body, his body is almost the bear type, except he does not have the hair to be considered one. His cock would be regular by Latino standards, I had bigger, but few are as hard or harder than his cock. The less endowed ones feels better not by size, but by their stiffness. Between a soft large one and a hard small one, i would always choose the hard one. One can fuck with a hard cock no matter what size, and a soft cock would not get in, no matter how big or how many lubricant one placed on it.. duhhhh...

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Jigs is a master, I was a slave. He would slap me, push me down, spit on me. He humiliates me, he wants me to beg for his cock, he would push my mouth away, take my hand away.. and I was meek, quiet, subservient, taking it all, getting horny, excited, and harder than ever. I guess, it excites me, that this time, I do not have to think, to make any decisions, I was there to simply ride the game, enjoy the sensation of sucking his hard cock, to feel that dick force itself on my ass. I was as noisy as my bed, but enjoyed it all I did.

¨Yeah.. you are my bitch. Beg for it! Say you want it"

¨Yes, master, I want your cock". I look into hungrily at his hard manhood and with pleading eyes look at him. It was near and yet off limits.. ¨Please .. please

"Take it, take it hard. Suck it hard¨

How can one speak when your mouth is full?

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