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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Otra Vez, Once more

Jitsu said he would try to come back last Sunday, well he did not come back but I had the orgy, so I was good. Monday was a rest day, so much so that I did not even go to work. Then tuesday, 17 February 2009, our crazy one was there and I was in no mood to talk to her. I escaped - true enough, I had stomach trouble and after one go I texted back the office that I would not be coming back in the afternoon. But Jitsu came back that afternoon, and its a good thing I was home - we spent a longer time in bed. He reads my blog so before I could even ask him to take pics, he was the one who suggested it.

It was a delight to hug and kiss him. He is a very ardent lover, passionate. His face has that boyish charm, and when he smiles - there is that sweet innocence like a boy doing something naughty. The first part, was fondling and touching each other standing up. Then I was on my back, and he gave me a treat with his tounge, his eyes full of lust, he wanted me, and that feeling, that sensation added to my fire. His lips, his tounge worked on my neck, to my chest, tantalizing my groin, and yet teasing as he avoided my dick, I was breathing heavily, moaning with ecstasy. I can feel his hot wet tounge on my balls, on the side... but ignoring my cock, teasing me, then he suck me, engulfing my hard stick in his mouth - I almost screamed from the suddenness and the sensation of it. My ass was yearning for my attention, and my leg up in the air.

That is when I have to stop, took a condom, place it on his dick, and then lube it up. He was on his back - like I said, I was hard but I slowly lose it. His cock was so fat and hard, my mind was on my ass, my body was focused on enjoying him inside me, the pleasure was riding his manhood. He allowed me to simply sit on him, and slowly to move up and down, to rock forward and backward.

He is a good, one of the best - and if I would be on an orgy with him, there should be another bottom, he is more than enough for me. I am a bit shamed to admit it, but I even had to ask for a reprieve, a little time off from the fucking - the pictures show how agile and innovative he is in the positions we tried. He was fucking me not only for his pleasure, but searching for the best possible angle to drive his dick further down my ass. There are some positions we did not capture on the camera, but there is another day .... I love the guy, I love him on top of me, I love him fucking my mouth and my ass.


  1. This is an exciting series. I love el Gordo's thick body. I enjoy seeing your whole body, too. I can almost make out your burat in one pic. Thank you, Bert.

  2. damn.. i wish he would fuck me... love big guys :)

  3. Gee
    Another gud one Bertttt...
    Love it love it love it...

    Red rider