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Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Halloween Special

31 October 2010l, Sunday. Halloween, people are busy trick or tricking. I remember sucking someone on the streets two years ago, I was very afraid of that incident, I saw the cars passing by, I saw the mobile patrols passing by, but I was taken by the man, this stranger that stopped off his bus ... for some fun with me, and he was endowed. He was very hard as I was very scared. That was long ago. Now, back in Manila, I keep my options open and have started the long weekend with cuddling and a little romance last Friday night. Saturday was a rest day, actually it was a no show of the texters, coituzadik had to continue his photoshoot so he was not able to arrive.

I met MP, Meticulous Popoy, today and I spent basically the whole afternoon with him. My brother was looking for me, I did not know I was suppose to go with them to a 1st children's party. Anyway, my Mom and my brother was considered as the best in costume! Good for them, me, it was a serene one, cuddling and resting in his arms.

I LIKE Popoy. If Ting was here, he would know instantly for I was not lazy to accompany Popoy out. After the hot sizzling afternoon, we went out for a merienda at Jollibee and I accompanied him up to MRT Ayala, then I did my halloween shopping. Why so special? Its one of those things that is hard to pinpoint, just something magickal that we were already kissing and necking inside my pad as soon as I closed the door. There was a hunger that consumed us. And yet there is that understanding that when we went inside my room, it was to disrobe and enjoy each others body - no talk, no words, just action.


  1. From PR: gabrielxxx 01. Nov. 2010 - 14:49
    hi. i ve been reading your blogs for the past 2 nights. and it's awesome. i did enjoy reading your blogs. hope to meet you when i get back there.

  2. From PR: chaosjxxx 01. Nov. 2010 - 22:28
    sarap mu siguro ifuck....i enjoy reading ur stories

  3. From PR: gabrielxxx Chat
    At: 01. Nov. 2010 - 16:55
    more power and more blogs. looking forward to reading more blogs. thanks. i havent tried having sex with a guy. maybe i was so afraid. But reading your blogs, i feel like i was there, watching every move, every scene. it somehow helps me overcome my fear of having sex with a guy. now i have something to look forward.