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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tsupain mo na ko! (Suck me now!)

03 November 2010, Wednesday. I am still awaiting for my work assignments thus have time to think and write. For the past two nights, I was behaved, alone on my bed. Meticulous Paul, definitely touched me. Yeah, I like him ... I like him so much that I was in a very good mood when I received a text from Echo, I just replied YES! Ok! Afterall, I was happy and content, why not try to share the same feeling.

The texter was Echo, he said he is uncut. Huh? Now that is rare, not so usual. He also texted me, I am handsome, and I am good! I have no expectations that much for I do not want to end up simply being frustrated. But his text were making me smile more, I mean he sounds a bit cocky, trying to convince me ... oh well. He might turn out to be a dud, but with the mood that I was from Paul, I took the chance.

Halloween surprise. He is tall, slim, and looks clean. He wanted to watch home made porno ... which reminds me that I should take time to put all of them on a cd. We went straight to my bedroom. He asked for the porn and so I brought out this laptop of mine.

As I set up the videos.. he said "Tsupain mo na ako!". It was a command, said with a smile. Hmmmm... it has been a while that I was a sex slave, so meekly and with full humility, I knelt in front of him, and pulled down his pants. Oh wow... It was a nice cock to suck, no evidence of being uncut, his dick was so stretch out! And so, head down, I started sucking his dick.

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