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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carl ... a midnight snack

Saturday, 13 November 2010. The day has been long. What started as boring become exciting as the afternoon rolled on. Was I satisfied? Definitely, i was not looking for anymore hookups or visitors for the day. Thus, when Ariel was inviting himself, I simply replied that I was alone. He said... I understand ... you have reached quota. Huh? What does he mean? That I have a quota of number of guys to have sex within a day? No, I definitely disagree with that - its just the satisfaction level was so great I felt no further need.

BUT, here is the BUT part - I must have said yes, Carl was texting if our scheduled meet would push through. Oh dear, who is he? My mind is definitely slipping. Well, I believe in pay it forward. I had a great time earlier and since its a Saturday night, minus well meet him still. I agreed to meet him around 10pm, well, it was midnight madness and I took the time to shop. The three (3) s against stress for me is sex, shop, and snacks (food)! I texted Carl I agree and would just go home if he is on his way. Carl has a very different work schedule but he works in admin and that he is not a call center agent with the normal graveyard shift.

Carl is slim, thick black hair, fair skin. I guess I can say that he is just an inch fatter or fuller than the average twink. He arrived around 11 or so, and we ended up talking, discussing. There was something - a good conversation about life, work, it was different with him, nothing immediate carnal. He likes to read and can carry a good conversation. Soon enough, I lost track of time and it was past 1 am already! I just posted the pics of aldrin, the nice boy that morning, and left the laptop.

To put back things on course, I locked the door, stood up beside him and started caressing his shoulders and to his back, giving butterfly kisses. The intellectual discourse have to be stopped, else, we might end up sleeping that late, and the expected intellectual intercourse would never realize. I moved my hand from his shoulders.

"I am getting hard from you caresses", carl said.

"No problem, I really want you hard and I take full responsibility". And I proceeded to take it out, to see it fully in its whole glory!

Wow! What can I say about the cock? I thought I had been blessed earlier with the long cock of Anthony, I am being rewarded with a thicker cock, equally hard! I would be masterbating myself to sleep very, very well.

From the sala, we moved to the bedroom. As he was undressing, I delighted with taking more pictures of his body, his cock. I then handed the camera to him later to take more shots, he gladly obliged, taking pictures and all.

It pays to have a blog reader as a partner, they know that I take pictures and that I do not post any face that would make them identifiable. Still, one can identify them if you have had known them physically. I remember Dylson, of years ago, he came back for sex and I posted anew his pics without any names - but someone recognized his dick, I guess that someone have memorized his cock that he was able to identify him. Sorry, mumbling here. Likewise, he knows my fetish and he obliged me. He was fuly inside me, fucking my ass, coming in and out and he would likewise nibble on my nipples, it was undeniable pleasure. Soon, with the pleasure, he said:

"Am cumming..."

"Go ahead! Cum!"

And that is how I ended my saturday well into the sunday morning.


  1. What a great way to end a day!!
    We should all be so lucky!!

  2. strong looking dick you got there.