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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Power of Reading

420 Pm, 08 November 2010, Monday. I am home, in a very untidy, unorganized, pad. Reading is a pleasure, reading fantasy have always been a hobby of mine - I remember reading inside the comfort room of the office, just to finish a pocketbook! Now, I can read the book in my kindle which i did. Unfortunately I lost sleep and ended up being on sick leave today! Then I realized I still have some stories to write, I was reminded by someone in my FB account about it. People like to read my blog for I am sort of living a life they dream or fantasize about, but remember the story of the goats - the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes I wonder how is it to be married, to have children, and yet yearn for male sex.

Patrick! Patrick!!! I called on him on the terrace of my apartment. Its the only 4 storey apartment building and I live on the the 3rd floor. Oh well, I simply texted him again.

Patrick! I saw him on my floor, he just needs to look to my direction, to his right. He was wearing eyeglasses, short gray barong, and a backpack. He said he lives in Novaliches and was in the area to get his passport, which was dated last December 2009! I was thinking like, oh my - under normal circumstances, he would not even dare to go to my place.

He is shorter than me, and he finally made it to my pad.

A little chitchat, and curious enough about passport I asked how his look. He obliged and then ooops.. his name is not patrick! No wonder he would not turn when I was calling him. Aliases abound in this alternative life, particularly if one is married with two children! Me, am still Bert and would always be Bert.

He is a bit chatty, so I likewise engage in conversation. We went to my bedroom, nothing much. I turned on the dvd player - he asked if I have any filipino porn. Sorry to say, I do not have any Filipino porn, the ones I have watch years ago were a bit boring that I simply stopped buying them.

So we are there, he had his gray polo down but not naked. One has to go by the feel - there was no animal passion of immediate kissing or anything. He was not relaxed, thus, one has to be patient and to let him take his time. He is the type that is not sure of what he is doing, brave and yet insecure. So he watched the porn while I lie next to him, touching his nipple, caressing his cock inside his briefs. Until it was him that took off his pants, i fished out his dick and made it harder with my mouth, it was only semi hard. Then for ease and full deep throat, I positioned myself between his legs and took him all in. He stopped me at one point, less he cum. So, I stopped and gave him space. He took the initiative to take my shirt off, then fondling my chest and placing it in his mouth, damn.. my ass wanted his cock!

He wanted to fuck my ass, and I placed a condom on his dick. I positioned myself on fours facing the mirror - he has my camera, maybe he would like to take pictures like Meticulous Paul. It was not that painful, I was primed and so he went in without much problem, without fuss, and I get to practice the muscles in my ass, clenching it tighter ... making him grunt... and cum!

Another happy friend... asking if we can have a threesome on wednesday and if I try double fuck? Hmmmmm ... scheduling is so difficult. Friends usually keep their own schedules.


  1. nice bro.. ^^, indeed a lot of people dream of having a lifestyle as yours.

    btw, alex here. ur fb bud. remember? ^^

  2. Just remember the grass is always greener on the other side. Right now, I have to clean up my pad - and have to save for that bigger bed that i had just purchased!!

    sorry.. my fb account was disabled.. hard to remember.. it would be easier if we get to know each in person