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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Last Monday

I woke up, wondering about today, its my last Tuesday here in Caracas, Venezuela as yesterday was my Last Monday. I looked for my camera and it was stranged, I could not find it ... I searched and searched for it. While reminiscing last night, I had Lamz and Jorge. Funny thing is, it is the second time that Lamz came to the apartment. The first time was with carlo36 and I arrived too late, their session was over, and I could only wish for him to come back! And last night, my wish was granted!

Let me describe Lamz, he is taller than me, big, white, undeniably handsome. I love just looking at his face. He has hair this is sort of straight with shades of white and chestnut brown. He sports a beard and all. His body would be considered chubby in the Philippines, and he has hair in his body that makes it sexy, its there but not long, as he shaves his body hair every two weeks, as he said. This reminds me of a question, have I tried uncut? I think Lamz is uncut,sorry for the doubt but you see, when I sprung his cock from his underwear, it was undeniably hard and the head was there! The truth is, when the cock is hard, its a bit hard at times to tell the difference between cut and uncut, until it gets soft ...

Oh yes, sorry .. my mind wandering off ... where is that camera of mine? Wait a minute, I remember showing him the pictures, while Jorge was was adjusting himself, we had just finish fucking and it was his turn to be on his back... and for me to take videos instead of pics... the bed was shaking.. the bed... Oh my god!! I checked and true enough, for the first time, the camera must have slip from on top to the side, and on to under the bed!! That is how much shaking the bed took! Good thing! Oh well, I have the pics and the video. Well, enjoy the pics first.


  1. kelan ang uwi mo ng amnila?can i hav ur number?paano na ung bf mo dito sa pinas?nice pix kelan ko kaya matitikman ang specialty mo jejeje

  2. I am back in Manila. Email me for my number. My email address is

    I am currently single

  3. hi bert... mind sharing the videos please...

    Yapz here (2007)