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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waking up to a hard body

19 April 2010. Monday. I am back in the office, writing my blog, wearing a smile on my face, from ear to ear. I think I have been writing the whole morning. Well, minus well update the week that was, before it becomes a distant memory. I know I still have to review my treasure box of pics from last year - I do not want to accumulate back log on my blog, after all I have been enjoying life on my back for a while.

No one really so far, except that Yimi have slept over and slept together, spooned together. Thus, waking up wrappped in his muscled dark biceps, my lips on his chest, it was so easy to put out my tongue, and not soon enough I waked up his curved cock, I felt it twiched on my skin.

Yeah, an added aphrozidiac is knowing that although I pay for the massage, the sex is free ... sex from last night that extended until this morningÂȘ

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