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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First time for a Married man!!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011. It might be just another threesome but what is different is that the third person is a married man who expressed that its his first time for a threesome. Vic finally made it to my place that saturday, Dennis have made it ahead having nothing much to do. I like Dennis aka dear, he is sweet, his term of endearment when he text is "dear", it makes me smile. Vic did not make it earlier that week, he was the one I was expecting last thursday and it was Albert that I got. Vic drives a motorcycle so his apprehension was where to park his bike. When Vic arrived on my pad, he has his helmet, things, and his "pasalubong" for his children. Oh ok, that means he does not have the luxury of time - a quickie threesome.

Now, I was not expecting either of them - remember, I already mentioned that February was meant to be a month of sickness for me, I was sick and tired of work, depressed over life, feeling lost and yet sex is most welcome and I surely know my role. I left Dennis in my bedroom hard and naked when Vic sent a text that he is already in my building. I welcomed Vic and guided him into my bedroom attending to him until he is disrobed, naked, and making out with Dennis. Why? Vic might be caught offguard and walk out, one should always welcome newcomers, make them wanted, desired, to be part of whatever is going on. This way, we all ended up in bed, touching, kissing, fondling each other. As the host, attention should always be given equally, no favoritism. Thus, one moment that was so good, was to have both of them, Vic and Dennis sucking my nipples, each nipple to each mouth!

Dennis arrived earlier that I expected and I have not done my "bottom's rituals" so I took a quick break and went to the bath room. I was anticipating two fucks, presumably both of them being tops. Returning I was surprised and shock of what I saw! Vic, the married guy is already on his back, legs in the air, and Dennis was fucking him - BAREBACK!!! Oh my god. What do I do? Serve myself as a sample. I dared not break them but I put a fresh condom on Vic who maintained his erection despite being fucked, and I sat on Vic - who moaned and groaned from the double onslaught. He was being fucked and my ass was bobbing up and down on his cock! He definitely had a sensory overload, he climaxed so soon, so fast. I dislodged myself, and found his condom filled with his own cum. Dennis continued fucking and came on his body.

Oh please ... I have added a box based on a question asked of me in Planet Romeo (PR) - This member asked me which feels better, to be fucked bare back or with a condom? I replied, which is better, being healthy or being sicked with std / hiv?

After Vic came, I was ready to assist him leave and go. Me? I rested and so thus Dennis. Dennis stayed over the afternoon, I was addicted but before the afternoon is over, just when Dennis was all dressed up - I took the moment to touch him, seduce him, and this time to claim that cock in my ass! Yeah, his cock is not exactly big or fat in that matter, but what makes it feel so good is the length of his cock, consider being fucked by something long and thin. Oh yes, will have him again soon!


  1. that's really hot! fucking a married man!!!!
    can i join you and vic some time? :-)

  2. is there anyway i can contact you? :)

  3. i want married men too

  4. maried men are cool.... i had a buddy before. i Miss him... :)