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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Popoy, Hilda and I ...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011. Popoy first came to my bed on 31 October 2010, however, I was not able to post our pics together, I started with a write up and was no longer able to upload the pics. Well, considering the unforgettable wednesday night, let me share our first pics together. Popoy's dick is nice because its really hard, a bit fat, and can be compared to our "saba". Popoy is also tall and has a developing body, he claims a height of 5 feet 11 and big thighs that in proportion making his dick not so appetizingly large. Honestly, he is a regular fuck buddy that I remember having quickies with him, as in, he would ask that he would finish quickly, and I remember just putting down my pants and briefs! Sad to say, the busy christmas season made us lose touch with each other. He expressed interest again upon seeing the breast of Hilda and my dare.

Hilda have expressed her fantasy, she wants to try it with two guys! BUT, we have been friends for so long that I feel weird to try and have sex with her - I got Daddy John to be the third wheel. So I was set to realize her fantasy! Actually, I even have a backup, I asked Bogs and Absex to return, to come back but around 8 pm. One hour should be enough for Hilda's first threesome, and then another one - and if somehow the first group does not realize, I have a back up duo for her.

Smooth sailing? Murphy's law - things usually go awry, plans don't work! Hilda suddenly have a meeting and she cannot come around 7, but an hour and a half later! Daddy John said ok but texted he could not escape to be here by 830pm. Popoy made it ahead of time. So, there was me and Popoy in my bed. Ting came, but he was not a bother. He was using this laptop and so, Popoy and I were doing it, kissing, sucking him, and he has his eternal hard on. My bottom was off in an instant, I felt his dick knocking in my ass, I was hard from missing that dick of his.

Oh my God! Hilda just barged in the room! Ting forgot to lock the door, I presumed he had locked it with Popoy's arrival. I immediately covered myself with a pillow.

"Dont worry guys, go ahead!" Blah blah blah! "Dont mind me!" But she continued yacking coming in and out .... duhhhh ... I lost my hard on, I lost my lust but Popoy maintained his erection. When she turned away, I stood up and put on my briefs and short. Yeah, Hilda may be an ex but we never had sex below the waist. I guess I am the only boyfriend she never tasted, well, I am gay! Besides, I am afraid I might like it and I would be her sex slave forever. So, I explained the situation and left them. Ting went out of the room with the laptop, giving Popoy and Hilda privacy.

I left them and did an errand for my Mom, went back and had dinner. Ting told me how exciting their noise was, and how Hilda is seducing him ... so enticingly that he might lost his control. Ting told me that he had to leave for a massage client and told them, instead both Popoy and Hilda have become the best of friends and more, having a rapport "attack" him together, he was already half naked - but this time, its my return that interrupted the possible threesome! Talk about karma. Popoy related how much good it felt that he considers it such a record time for him to cum for the second time. Hilda? She loved it, already nagged another one, and perhaps that I may booked her to realize her fantasy. I said, not my fault that her work was a distubance.

Bogs and Absex? I HATE FILIPINO TIME! They were so horribly late, a surprise that did not materialize. Hilda said she is hungry and wanted to take the tricycle, I agreed but we walk .... true to my instinct, we encountered Bogs and Absex on the street! The four of us ended in Chowking, Hilda is hungry for food, afterall she already had her fill. Hilda however got excited also with Bogs, she had the dilemma, go home to her husband and son and go back to my pad for a threesome? There is always tomorrow, dont risk the family. Regrettably, Hilda left for her house.

It was only Bogs, Absex, and I who returned to my place. No... no repeat of last night. But Bogs ask for a request if I can lend him a clean shirt. Oh ok, but I am not comfortable giving any old shirt so I gave him brand new Bench shirt (I love to shop so I always have brand new clothes waiting to be used). Was it a barter from last night? I dont know, anyway, no cash outlay.


  1. Bert, your blog just gets better and better. Hope I can join you some day!!

  2. ive been a reader for a long time now. even before you left the country, now that your back, would you be able to get me into you schedule?