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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tired and LUCKY!!!!

05 February 2011, Saturday - evening. I know I was lucky that oral sex was good enough with Alfred. I am no longer young, falling asleep with exhaustion in my bed, and yet stupid enough to agree for another meet up!! No, I am not that horny anymore, really tired, and part of me wanted to cancel up with him but as I understand it he is in town from General Santos, and would soon leave. Why waste the opportunity? Never waste a chance! If there was to be any cancellation, it would not come from me, but from him.

But funny, as I was too tired, he was the one who did all the work! So, its a reversal of roles, funny or should i let you guess who did the sucking and the fucking this time? Yeah, I know I was still tired and exhausted by my dick was hard enough to stand, he was the one who sat on it ... and suck, and suck until I come.


  1. Wow!! Seems like many of your readers are in town!! Must be a convention happening??
    It's good you can enjoy your readers, I know we have all enjoyed you and your sexcapades over the years!!

  2. meron bang video? sama naman ako sa sex nyo 09161177752 :D

  3. sarap mo siguro bert