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Friday, February 11, 2011

Another blog reader after lunch!!!

All I remember that afternoon, I love doing my blog readers!! I have no trouble taking sex pictures and being familiar they are assured that I would not post any face pics, and in terms of sex - there is no more experimenting, they know what to expect, and they know my weak spots.

So, when another blog reader wanted to drop by that afternoon, there was no doubt, no hesitation, I said yes. Well, I do have reservation - not on the blog reader but on myself, I remember jacking off twice the night before to sleep, I had that threesome, then the morning with Markietots - I just had to have another release! I do admit I am in my mid 40s, my flexibility and endurance is not the same, although my libido is still the same, I think.

Let me describe Alfred, he is in his mid 30s, daddy type with that belly, dark skin, soft spoken, a very gentle person. True enough, when he arrived that afternoon, my demeanor was timid, I have not recovered physically. Alfred said he is within the area and just gotten a massage from the spa. Oh ok, now that is to my advantage - he is relaxed, and it would be relatively easy to make him cum...

He took off his clothes, I took a quick shower in the hopes to liven up my spirit. Alas, my energy was not too high! I did suck him, played with his nipples, hugged him, cuddled him.. but I could not ride him nor did I remember to bring out my camera. I thought, I could just pass it over... with my mouth and hands, he came, CAME, AND CAME! Damn, he was relaxed and since it was a while, his cum was a lot, there was a puddle of cum on his belly... on that, I looked for my camera to take pics... so enjoy the cum filled belly!!!

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