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Friday, February 25, 2011

Frustrating morning, Surprising evening

12 February 2011, Saturday. I still remember Hilda asking why no booking on a Friday night, should I not look for friends, maybe we can still realize her fantasy. Duhhhh. I was forced to admit that although there was nothing, I am expecting Markietot the next morning, another 7am, another morning sex. I really enjoyed having sex with him so expecting him early, I do not want to be sleepy or oversleep. Besides, I felt him sincere and really enjoyed it ... duhhhh! Damn! He did not arrive, there was no sex, there was no txt. I expected him and so I was frustrated with his non appearance. After lunch, I heard from him - he went on leave at work and went a drinking spree with his friends, and he was so wasted he was not able to come this morning. He apologized and promised to come at night. Hmmmm, ok, I really like his hard cock. Its not that its really long, but its really hard, harder than my silicone vibrator! He deserves another chance. Everyone deserves another chance.

Now, what is so special about that evening? In summary, Markietot arrived. Yoshiro texted me and arrived. So, a threesome is brewing. Chet texted likewise but I was already busy giving oral sex to my two guests, Ting replied in my behalf, inviting him to come and drop over! Thus, the threesome became a foursome. Special case, Yoshiro wanted to back out, not sure if he is ready for a threesome, so, how much more, when it becomes a foursome? Read on, to know more.

Markietot may not be considered handsome by the general standards of the population but he is a terrific conversationalist, in english, that is. But I guess he was just able to hone this skill since he works in a call center. Yoshiro however have a face that it would be difficult to say no, he has that boyish charm, that innocent look that one may find it hard to imagine that he has a boyfriend and is into male sex! Well, cock wise, as one can see in the pics, he is not endowed or gifted. We all have our gifts and wish list. The last member Chet is may be considered in between of the two in terms of face and cock attributes, he has a very distinct squarish cock head.

Yoshiro texted me that he wants to back out when he is already in my pad and so is markietot, he thinks he not ready for a threesome. One should not force or push someone, but in this case, he wants to back out for he is not sure. What to do? Deadma? Ignore and just focus on Markietot, let him go home? No, one has to be a nurturing parent when the other party is acting like a child, needing reassurance, asking for comfort. I back embraced Yoshiro, hugged him, whispered to him to relax, and let me handle. And as not to alienate Markietot, I would touch him and look at him, smile at him. This way, I was able to manuever them both in my bedroom.

One has to continue to hugging, cuddling them, assure them that they are desired, wanted, that they should not fear any rejection or that they would not be left out. Likewise, although there is more attention to the one who is flight risk, you know, the one that might just back out or walk out - one just do not allow them the opportunity to waiver and have self doubt. Let lust lead the way. Assist them even in taking their clothes off, fondle their genitals, make it hard by touch. It was not simply stoking and giving them a hard on, it is to make them feel hot, aroused so sexually that leaving is not an option, getting a release is what they would want to do. And so, from getting them into the bedroom, I got Yoshiro naked in my bed. Markietot expressed nothing so no assistance required. Both of them now naked and in my bed!


  1. we want hilda, we want hilda!!!

  2. more!! more!! Don't leave us hanging!!! Two naked guys in your bed - I should be so lucky!! hehe