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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a massage for Hilda ...

11 February 2011, Friday. I considered myself getting out of the depression mode. I was still basking in the glow of the threesome with Daddy John and Albert. Sad to say, I have no pictures just memories of that night. I believe in paying it forward but as much as I wanted to help Hilda ... there seems to be a shortage of bisexuals around to have fun with her.

So instead of having sex that Friday night, I just booked Hilda with Miguel. He is a masseur from a spa in Evangelista, Makati that does home service. His rate is reasonable, Php500 for a two hour massage plus transportation. I already had him once before I booked with Hilda and one after.

I want to keep Miguel as a masseur with no extra, no fun. There are masseurs who offers massage with extra, but I am sure some would comment that not all are even qualified to do massage less to give a full hour of massage! In my younger years, my sex was with a masseur somewhere in Sta Mesa and then paying for extra services - usually a handjob! A good massage helps blood circulation and is good for health.

Hilda commented that she already have tried masseurs which always have ended in sex with no massage, so I volunteered Miguel. But ... I fear that she might try to seduce him - what would I do? Believe it or not, I was there on my bed, lying beside her while Miguel gives her the massage. Hilda was naked, I was fully cloth, and Miguel was wearing his scrubs! Its a funny picture in my head, not really sex, almost like sex, for that I am blogging that. Can one imagine me, abstaining sex for a night and playing a chaperone? Ughhhh, duhhh... classic!

ps ... relax, i believe in karma, i believe in balance. I was celibate that night, but the next day, was an unscheduled foursome!


  1. Hi Bert. Good to hear you getting back to your usual self. You bring so much pleasure to all of us, and we want you to know how pleased we are to be able to share in your life. Keep it up, Bro!! We love you!

  2. wow! SO HOT! LOVE IT