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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bogs ... Bogs! ... Bogs?

16 February 2011, Tuesday. Ok, my last sex was last Saturday. I was fucked hard and long by Markietot and Chet ... it was a fix that I was able to stand a Sunday pre Valentine date with a female friend of mine, and able to withstand Valentine just pigging out - ei, I almost got an instant date with another female that night too!! Damn! Yeah, times are changing, gays, beki, fairies, discretes, whatever term one can label guys who enjoys sex with other guys - are more acceptable in the society, so much accepted girls are willing to marry me! So, tuesday, my luck change, back to men!

I have always mentioned, open your doors, consider it as multi level marketing. Absex brought Al last week, now he brought another friend, name Bogs! Bogs, how do I describe him? Oh god, he has a very nice body, definitely masculine, definitely a guy. Such a guy that one might shell out money to be in bed with him! He is a dream come true. Too good to be true?

That was my gut feel. Bogs was nice and immediately expressed he never tried this before. So, feeling him like a straight guy experimenting in gay sex - I searched for my bi sexual porn, its in spanish, it starts with two girls and one guy, and the rest are threesomes of two guys and one girl. Its a very educational video, showing all the possibilities of guy fucking another guy fucking a girl, or girl sucking the guy while he is being fucked by the other guy, the girl sucking and being fucked at the same time, or the guy fucking the other guy while sucking the girl. Yeah, I thought it was a safe video showing some semblance of straight sex. But I was guarded, meaning I was very passive touching but not exactly all over him. I was submissive, doing what Absex instructed like sucking Bogs, making some intimate gestures.

It has been some time since I encountered someone asking for money, after the sex that is, saying its for their transportation (php100) or food (php150). But with this guy, I felt cautious that he might ask something later in return, and that Absex was just being youthful and inexperienced to bring him. I normally discourage discussion, or little chit chat in bed, not until they have cum - but in this case, for he might end up a "payable", someone who we will have to pay, I let the discussion go on. My doubt became stronger when he said he had fucked Senator XXXXXX! Well, it was no surprise that said Senator is gay, but for him to have had sex with him? Sex just for the trip or pleasure of it? Funny, Absex did not recognize the senator's name. Bogs said he is intimidated with it being his first time, he reached for my hand and started doing some hard hand massage, oh my, he knows the move. Why? Because he had worked as a masseur in Brunei before. Oh ok, and now? I worked as a driver / bodyguard for a vice mayor.

Absex and him was kissing. I was touching his pecs, those adorable hard chest of it. I even went down of it ... it did become hard but not that hard. He knows it, while Absex was really hard. Bogs was apologetic not getting that hard for a good fuck "sorry, nanliliit ang titi ko eh, umuurong" (sorry, my dick is not getting hard). He asked Absex and I fuck.

And so, after trying various touches and sucking Absex. I placed a condom on the ever hardness of Absex, and sat on his dick. I guess, I was so horny and fired I tried sucking Bogs while sitting up and down on Absex. My ass was enjoying the attention but my mouth was getting insecure. There is always a first time, and the new thing I tried, I asked Bogs to turn around and I started rimming his ass.

"oh shit, sarap" (Oh shit, it feels good)

So I continued bobbing up and down Absex 's cock while rimming Bogs, feeling his body, his legs, his thigh. Yes, this threesome is different, Bogs does not have a decent hard on but someone the sexiness of his body, the hardness of his body compensated for that lack! Likewise, the tattoos on his body intensified my perception of his manly stature.

Sad, I am old with lesser stamina, position change, with me on my back. Absex on his knees to fuck my ass while I try again with my mouth on Bog's manhood. The heat and motion intensified and Absex came! Bogs apologized. I was quiet.

Moment of truth? I went out, Ting was there. He whispered his suspicion about Bogs. So it was not only me who suspects a payable. Oh well, if he would indeed ask for some monetary consideration, so be it. Surprisingly, he did not! They dressed up and about to leave.. hmmmm.. duhhh.. if he is not a payable, and he says he finds it difficult to get a hardness for another guy, that he is simply for girls. I offered Hilda ... and a picture please? So, there, two remembrance photos of his bod after the sex.

Would he and hilda have sex in my place?

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  1. Senator XXXXX ? More like Senator ZZZZZ !!! hahahaha