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Friday, March 6, 2015

Amazing Aries - 0905 2299 421

Life is unfair, thus they said when life gives lemons, make a lemonade. Me, when stressed : get a massage!

I know .. this blog days are numbered.. days are ticking but it should not stop us for enjoying whatever time is left. And amazingly I found this masseur Aries!

He gave me a very good massage, it was hard and he was in to it that he perspired while doing my back! I felt his perspiration drop. The aircon was set at 25degrees and it was not enough, just like working out at air conditioned gyms, one still perspires. I voluntarily opened the electric fan. And that is when I got to look and my surprised, he was down to his underwear!

He focuses on his thumb and palm in doing his strokes. I patronize their spa and that is where i get my legitimate massage, I say legitimate because they do know how to massage and that is to de stress or detox a client. I do not even have to brace myself that I might get a hard on and asked for the extra... in my younger days ( pre diabetic days), masseurs know how to manipulate your body, to do a very erotic touch exciting your senses into a hard on and for you to get a relief... no, nahhh, they do not work that way... to my knowledge... (am bad! may disclaimer agad)

Well, I had to make a disclaimer because Aries is good BUT he admits to having 2 children by 2 different mothers! Yeah, made small talk to Aries and found that out and he is only 23 years old! Wow, that could only mean some financial burden and temptations. I will definitely put him to the test, will set him up with Hilda ... my ex girlfriend and bff.

Or perhaps you can try Aries out, call him at 0905 2299 421. Their standard rate for Makati / Pasay is Php250 per hour. Then share to me your experience ...

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  1. Would love to see how he looks like--- masarap din minamasahe ng maganda itsura-- thanks