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Friday, October 5, 2007

Trial entry

Nothing.. just checking if I can still post.. got a pop up saying that there are those who have contacted blogspot objecting to my blog.


My primary objective in this blog is self expression, documentation of my sex life which I accept would one day be depleted...Yes, I am a homosexual, and I would be persecuted by some religions, damned and cursed to the supposed bowels of hell. But then, as my pad is my heaven on earth, this blog is my refuge, my depository of my private thwarted life.

If you dont like.. leave me be!

Why bother reporting to blogger about my sex life? Is your sex life so wanting that finding others to have a happy one is worth yout time to bitch? If so, may be that is the reason you do not have one..

For the others, just me releasing steam.. anyway.. back to my bed.. back to waiting cock!


  1. yes, ganun nga experience ko din...may warning muna before accessing your blog....

    ang pinoy talaga kahit kailan...kelan pa kaya mabago ugaling ganyan....ang daming ipokrito at mga pakialamero....

  2. Oh well...

    Isipin ko na lang, am 41 years old, stocky to chub, and yet, active pa rin sex life ko. Lunch time, I had Rod, and I expect to meet 3 more old friends ...

    Karma lang, may nang a api, kaya ako ay pagPAPAlain.. sige na nga, apiin pa ninyo akopara mas maraming lalaki dumating.

  3. People envy things they cant have....

    Rock on dude!

  4. going against the flow is tough..

    i admire your confidence in posting your blogs...

    \m/ rock on!

  5. they have no sex life...those who envy you...


  6. haven't you heard of the term "Morality"? Or maybe you already kicked it out in your system...

    Please, people don't envy you because you have all those guys. Besides, what good is sex if you do it with almost everybody else? How special is it anyway?

    Karma? You are looking it the other way. Maybe you have all the mishaps in you life because you are doing what you are not meant to do.

    I mean, sex is good. But when you become a "sex addict", that would be worst. Where is your self worth now?

  7. Now, where did that come from? I never said in any of my post that I am envied because of my sex life? Please, PLEASE, dont put the words or comments of others / anonymous to me. But please feel free to put a cock in my mouth.

    Sex addict... pervert.. self worth.. duhhhh...I am happy. Just irritated from time to time by some people.

    I do it with everyone? How I wish. Sex would be always special because it is not available to everyone.