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Monday, November 5, 2007

Donato - RELAXING and FUN

November 3, 2007. Donato was referred to me, I was still in Glorietta window shopping at Powerbooks. So the usual routine, a sample massage, question and answer portion, and a trial extra or sensation, or what have you... then the deliberation should I endorse, or should I keep the experience to myself. Nahhhh.... best to share someone like him!

Donato was relaxing because I sense he was sincere, down to earth, I felt no need to be on guard. I mean there are those masseurs that you feel you have to be on your toes, those that are with out doubt, the professionals, those that if you slip, would simply take advantage of you. He said he learned how to massage from a reflexologist friend and from this massage house that he worked for two months, sad to say, he cannot stand the intrigues - those masseurs that are bi sexual and yet desire to have him in bedm finding that they stand no chance, chose to make issues about him. I did not doubt him, he is masculine, I love his body, and his face looks similar to Gardo Versoza, that is because he is slinky eyes, chinito. Sad to say, he declined to have his face taken.

His massage was fun because although his tecniques where limited, not as numerous as those of Jom - he really exerted effort in giving me a hard massage, such that he was perspiring. His sweat dropped on my body. But more so, I also found it so sensual - he was massaging my arms, and yet I found his whole body on top of me, his crotch on my ass - I find his hard body very, very arousing.

Should I take full advantage? Well, if you think yes - then so should you!! He had stopped after two months as a masseur and then worked as a book salesman for around three months in Batangas, where he got his dark tan. He was being asked to go home to Bicol but he found it difficult not having any money, so he is giving himself two months of free lancing. So... go ahead.. give him a call at 0910 741 4270


  1. "Funny, an anonymous comment claim that he found the blog through a search engine - THIS IS AN UNLISTED BLOG meaning it is on the net but would not come out in a search engine.

    Please no lies. Double check your facts before making any false claims. This site being unlisted would not be accessed unless the url was given or shared."

    It's true... try searching "binatang pinoy" at Google and your blog will be number 3.

  2. what can i say'?

    this blog is like porno na tlaga

    but i enjoyed reading


  3. howd i get in touch with donato?

  4. Hi Bert this is Donato. How are you? Hope you're doing great :)Can u allow me to write on ur blog pls..

    Guys, i quit from my old job already. To all who patronized my service, THANK YOU.

    If u want a massage service i can recommend my friend and his name is ERIK. He is kind and trustworthy like me :) If u are interested to his service, u can contact him at his mobile number 09206346186

    thanks guys


    oh i forgot to ask u BERT, how did u like my pili? :)