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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes Master Lu. Please Master Lu

Work is a necessary evil, it pays the bills although it limits the sex life. I have been quiet sometime not for lack of adventure, just the time and energy. The past weekends, friends would be dropping by, they would have sex but I would be doing something else that I need to do while they have fun in my bedroom. Oh well, this is life.

I know I am a submissive bottom but never realized that I a sense of masochism in me. Some might consider it kinky, say it is extreme but Macky Lu dropped by again this weekend before he goes back up North that is, or should I say Master Lu.

This time he slapped my ass, and I find it exciting, I was calling him Master, begging for his hand, begging for his attention. He nibble my nipple and also inflicted some pain, with his teeth ... no bite marks, no kiss marks but it was painful and yet it felt good, masakit pero masarap. He had me totally under his control and yet I allowed him.

Need I say he was so happy, he came twice!


  1. bakti walang photos for the last two blog entries?

  2. Sabi mo:

    "John Lu dropped by again this weekend before he goes back up North ....."

    Bakit? Saan sa up North sya? Is he from Baguio or Benguet? Baka naman taga North Pole sya?

  3. Hi Bert,

    I am one of your avid reader of your blog sexcapades. Keep it up and thanks for sharing it (your experiences) with us.

    My pakiusap to the other readers, if you don't have anything good to say, it is better for you to shut up.

  4. hope i can join


  5. i want to join orgies. if you do organize orgies contact me at

  6. Any updates? I love this blog! kudos to Bert!!!!

  7. Bert, Ano nangyari sa binatangpinoy02? ba't biglang nawala? hindi ko na mahanap sa group list ko.

  8. I also want to join ur orgies... Pls email me in my account. thxxx

  9. what happened to the binatangpinoy02 ygroup?

  10. hi bert

    i've learned from jonas that u are now someplace for your work and i wish you the best of everything...



  11. i already uploaded ang lalaki sa parola (behind the scenes) to my blog. Download now!

  12. great sexcapades!!!! did you change number?