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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shy foursome . . .

It was a saturday night, rod txted me if I have other visitors and then glen texted me. Glen is an exclusive barely legal tisosy. I have met him before but I got some jitters so we ended up meeting only in McDonalds and then said our farewells. And just for good measure, I invited Jeric. So there, a square was formed.

I only had two pics - the camera made Glen's hardon to a microsoft, when his would be the biggest in the group!



  2. i wish i can join you some time! here's my number so we may be able to exchange details first ok 09274966573 yue here by the way!

  3. its my first time to see your blog and it is so fascinating...i hope i would have the same sex life that you have... hehehe...

  4. glenn seems to be an interesting guy. can i get to contact him? email me.


  5. Does your lover/ partner approve of this?

    A friend

  6. Hey, Bert. Since we don;t have anp pics of Glen, how big was his hardon???

  7. sayang di ako naka punta . si rod ito g4m. rodboi. heres my number. incase your really interested. 0917xxx-xxxx. message ko nalang sa g4m mo. he he he.

  8. hey its me rod. sayang di me nakapunta last time. kumusta na bert.
    This is rodboi of g4m. nasa write up pala ako. ha ha ha. in case your interested to meet up heres my number. 0917 xxxxxxxx

  9. join ako minsan.... 09207789813 :)

  10. lalaswa nyo mga cannibal, yuck kumakain ng sariling laman!!!

  11. yuck mga cannibal kayo, bakla sa bakla!!

  12. hello bert. am interested in glenn. can i also have his contract number?

    I wish I am also active as you are :)

    my email add is:

    my mobile number is: 09287006407

    thanks :)


  13. helo to evryone! I am (?), 18 y/o guy and i am looking for someone who will help to me. Wala kasi akong trabaho ngaun kaya naghahanap po ako, kung sino po ang wiling tumulong bigay ko po ang contact ko. marunong di po ako ng private massage. pwede rin po akong maturuan mag-linis ng bahay, kaya po kung sino ang nakkaangat dyan. contact lang me..

    ibibigay ko lng po un e-mail add ko para maka pag chat tau...


    bagu ko po ibigay ung cp # ko