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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sex with a Scorpion

Scorpions are basically described as insatiable in sex. True or not? Well, I simply relish having sex with them, for they would be basically a challenge in bed. Dennis texted me asking me when we could meet and do some time in bed, and I thought it would be nice to do so - and I did!

The pictures do not reflect how endowed Dennis is, but he has a fat cock, it is big. Well, as posting my sex with him.. I had the luxury of sex again with him, last night with two other latinos - and they likewise both squealed in pain and in delight over his cock!

Dennis made sex almost like an exercise, straining my muscles to stretch and all with the various styles we did. Well, he did come twice that night and my ass was well sated. I wished I had someone to take pictures of his creativity.. at least I had the insight to take a pic when we were doing it sideways...


  1. 02.03.09 the threesome with cogie and carl36
    Post the trio pics - marwin, atreyu and jitsu.. for the post sin verguenza

  2. Bert, I have a suggestion! Why dont you have a tape measure (ung ginagamit ng mananahi) tapos i measure mo ung mga penis nlang with the picture ha.. pra malaman nmin kung gano talaga ka laki... :) hehehe

  3. Bert, cge na pls.. can you post a number of your boy toys.. pleeeease.. Thanks.
    -not out guy...

    p.s. ako rin ung ngcomment ng tape measure..